FAQ Topics

General FAQ

  • How do I return a product?
    Your satisfaction is important to us! We offer one replacement per customer. We are unable to offer replacements to international addresses (we encourage you to seek out assistance from the place of purchase) We offer a one-time replacement for items with an MSRP of $9.99 or greater. Please attempt to return item to the place of purchase before proceeding with claim form. Please note that we are only able to honor guarantees for products within 45 days of the purchase date. Outward Hound reserves the right to verify information, require a valid proof of purchase, and to deny guarantee requests in its discretion. For replacement, we require a receipt and a photo be provided. Submit your request here.
  • Can I get a replacement part for an item?
    Occasionally, we are able to offer replacement parts for certain items. Bark at us to see at support@outwardhound.com or chat us now using our live chat feature.
  • What stores in my area carry Outward Hound® products? What about outside the U.S.?
    We’re happy to say that our products are sold all over the world! Most pet and pet specialty retail stores carry our toys, games, gear and feeding products. Looking for a specific item? Call ahead to make sure your preferred pet retailer carries it.
  • What are your Fun Feeders made of?
    All our feeding products are made with food-grade plastic that is BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free.
  • Where are your items made?

    As dog lovers ourselves, we fully appreciate your concern for your pup’s health. Our product development team rigorously tests products with our office dogs and volunteer members of The Woof Pack™. Moreover, before any product we make goes into stores, it’s also been approved for safety by independent testing laboratories.

    All of our products are designed in Colorado USA. Most are manufactured in China by partners that we know and trust and a selection of our chew products & treats are made here in the USA.

  • Do you have more information on safety and care?
    No toy is indestructible. We always recommend monitoring your pet's use and replacing after reasonable wear. Check out our 10 Chew Commandments for more.

Treats FAQ

  • What does dehydrated mean?
    Dehydration preserves food by decreasing the moisture in the food with heat. This allows many vegetable and fruit-based nutrients to remain intact, unlike baked treats.
  • Why do my treats look different from each other?
    The sweet potatoes we use to make these treats are part of a sustainability initiative to source sweet potatoes outside of the human food chain. We source quality, farm-fresh sweet potatoes that do not have the ideal physical appearance for human consumers, but are still completely safe to consume. This way "ugly" sweet potatoes aren't wasted just because of their appearance.
  • Why are my treats harder/softer than the last time I bought them?
    For product preservation, dehydration levels will cause variations in firmness. Dehydration is done to preserve as many nutrients in the product as possible without adding preservatives. Firmness is a result of containing the moisture without preservatives.
  • Why are my treats different sizes?
    Our sweet potatoes are minimally processed, as a result they will vary in size, shape, and firmness. Since the product varies, the actual product may differ in appearance from the photos online.
  • Are the sweet potatoes supposed to have skins?
    Yes, we chose to keep the sweet potato skins because they are rich in vegetable-based nutrients and fiber.
  • Why doesn't my dog like the sweet potato treats?
    These treats are 100% sweet potatoes, some dogs love them, while others may be carnivores (try Wholesome Pride Raw Freeze-Dried Protein Treats as an alternative!).