Wholesaler Frequently Asked Questions

 Online Wholesale FAQ

How do I set up an account?

  1. Go to wholesale.outwardhound.com and select “Create an Account”.
  2. Submit your reseller certificate.
  3. Once complete you will receive an email prompt to set up a password.

Special characters will not function on the website

  1. Only use alphanumeric characters when entering your billing/shipping address.
  2. Characters like “&, -, ~, etc.” will cause the site to error and now allow your order to transmit.

What if I can’t log in?

  1. Go to wholesale.outwardhound.com and select “Forgot Your Password?”
  2. Clear your history, cookies and cache on your browser and open a new window.

Can I change my order after it’s been processed?

  1. Once the order is processed and your card charged, you are unable to make changes.
  2. If you’d like to change an order you would need to contact orders@outwardhound.com to have it canceled and in turn reorder.

Why can’t I check out?

  1. If you placed items in your cart and at least 24 hours have passed before you complete your order, items may have been sold out.
  2. Double check your cart to see if any items have changed to out of stock.

How will my order ship?

  1. All orders will be shipped via FedEx (small parcel) shipment from La Mirada, California.
  2. Please take into account the transit time to the store’s location.

Where is my invoice?

  1. Invoices are generated automatically on the date the order ships and will come from info-mail@outwardhound.com.
  2. Check your spam/junk mail as the invoice is auto generated and sent to the email provided on the account.
  3. If you still don’t see an invoice, please contact accounting@outwardhound.com.