8 Best Toys for German Shepherds & Their Exercise Needs

German shepherd dogs (GSDs) regularly make the AKC’s list of the most popular dog breeds. They are loyal, courageous, smart, and very protective of their human friends. They are herding dogs that bond strongly with their human companions.

You’ll fall in love with this dog breed, and you’ll want to make sure he leads a happy, healthy, and fun life that includes lots of toys!

As German shepherd owners know, GSDs are large dogs that require virtually indestructible everything! They are aggressive chewers with lots of energy so finding the right durable toys is important.

As a large breed dog, the German shepherd requires lots of playtime and some high-quality, long-lasting toys to keep his attention. German shepherd puppies may turn to destructive behavior if they don’t have some durable puppy toys that keep them occupied while their human friends are away.

German Shepherd Exercise Needs

While we’re on the subject of dog toys for your German shepherd, it’s important to know a little about their exercise needs. German shepherds are extremely active large dogs. They need a lot of exercise to stay happy and prevent boredom.

They have a reputation for being somewhat high-strung, and without plenty of activity to keep them occupied, they might resort to destructive behavior to get your attention. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you’ve got lots of fun toys to occupy your GSD’s time.

Your German shepherd dog will need a minimum of 2 hours of exercise each day. Ideally, that includes some walks around the neighborhood or out in nature. It’s good for your both.

You also want to provide some off-leash exercise time within a safe area. As with all large breeds, it’s a good idea to engage them in obedience training, and you might want to provide them with some specialized training as can be done with the obstacle course toy we’ve highlighted below.

Many veterinarians also recommend that you don’t do the two hours of exercise all at once. Rather, it’s a good idea to spread that out over the course of the day.

Your German shepherd will be a loyal friend who will just love spending lots of time with you exploring and playing. The toys we’ve highlighted above are an excellent way to engage your best friend in some quality playtime.

The Best Toys for German Shepherds


So what are the German shepherd toys? Here are our top picks for some of the toughest toys for large-size dogs:

Let’s take a look at each of these great toys for your GSD.

1. Best Chew Toys for German Shepherds

dog with bone toy

Large breed dogs like the German shepherd can be heavy chewers, and you need some durable toys that can withstand those powerful jaws. If your German shepherd is a puppy, you’ll also want chew toys that are good for your dog’s teeth. So what are the best chew toys for these power chewers? Here are two we think are top of the line.

Orka Bone Dog Chew Toy

This is a great chew toy for your GSD. It is soft and durable, and it has multiple textures to satisfy your dog’s urge to chew. It has a rope running down the middle with knots at each end. This works well to clean your dog’s teeth. You can use it as a tug toy, toss it for a fun game of fetch, or just let your pooch enjoy chewing it. It comes in different sizes, so you can get one for your puppy or adult dog. It’s one of the all-around best dog toys available.

Naturals Jute Puzzle Rope Dog Toy

If you’re looking for a great rope toy for your German shepherd dog, you don’t need to look any further. This eco-friendly rope Outward Hound tug toy is made of jute rope and durable rubber rings.

It also doubles as a puzzle toy since your dog works to figure out how to remove the rings. Once he does, you can put them back on to keep the game going. It’s also perfect for a game of tug of war!

This is a great toy for those tough chewers who really like their toys chewy, and it will leave your best buddy with clean teeth too!

2. Best Interactive Toys for German Shepherds

dog tornado puzzle game

German shepherd dogs are intelligent dogs, and because of that, they need toys that provide them with hours of mental stimulation. Here are some of the best toys that are great for those intelligent dog breeds like the German shepherd.

Tennis Maze Craze Dog Puzzle Toy

This great toy combines two fun games in one! First, it’s a squeaker toy that is also a puzzle toy. Your dog will learn how to get the ball out, and after that, it’s time for a fun game of fetch with durable tennis balls. But there’s more.

You can also put tasty treats like kibble or other types of dog food inside the tunnels so your dog will also be treated to a delicious reward. What’s more, after hours of fun, the toy is washable so clean-up is a snap.

Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Once your dog gets used to an easier challenge, it’s time for the next level. The Dog Tornado is a level 2 interactive toy that will keep boredom at bay for hours. It’s a fun treat-dispenser that gives your active German shepherd dog both physical and mental challenges. Stuff it with treats or even peanut butter.

It’s made of safe BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free materials, and it’s washable too! It’s a safe way to provide your puppy or adult dog with hours of fun!

3. Best Fun in the Sun Toys for German Shepherds

orka flyer frisbee

German shepherds need lots of exercise and fun in the sun. Some of them grow up to be working dogs too so they need to get out and about a lot! Here are some great toys to help them do just that.

Orka Flyer

This is a great dog toy for your pooch. Unlike hard frisbees, this toy is made of flexible Orka material that won’t damage those delicate puppy teeth! This fun fetch toy can soar and it also floats, making it a great water toy.

Zip & Zoom Outdoor Dog Agility Training Kit for Dogs

This is truly a toy for the working dog. It challenges your dog’s intelligence, and it gives him hours of fun exercise. You can teach him new tricks and commands with this easy-to-set-up obstacle course. He actually has a real hoop to jump through!

The kit comes with 1 circular, collapsible tunnel, 6 weave poles, and that adjustable hoop. It’s lightweight and easy to store so you don’t have to be weighed down when you take it out to play or worry about where to put it.

It will provide you and your dog with hours of fun, mentally stimulating exercise. It’s great for those working dogs that are at the beginning of their career.

4. Best Squeaky Toys for German Shepherds

best toys for german shepherds

Finally, there’s nothing like a few squeaky plush toys to give your best friend hours of fun. Here are a couple of great toys that offer a new twist on the classic tennis ball.

Squeaker Ballz Squeaky Tennis Balls, Large

These are bright, multi-colored rubber balls that come in different sizes. They are made of durable, natural rubber so that you can be certain the bounce won’t end until you and your pooch are done playing.

As far as rubber toys go, these are top-of-the-line! They can be used indoors or out, and they are made with high-quality rubber to ensure they will last a long time. There’s also the squeaker toy inside to keep your pup engaged for hours! Be sure to order GSD-sized balls. Balls that are too small can present a choking hazard.

Tennis Max Ball

This is Outward Hound’s new and improved version of the tennis ball. It has the classic rubber ball enclosed in a durable rubber phthalate-free and lead-free shell that helps it last longer. It also keeps your formidable chewer from damaging the squeaker as easily as with other toys.

The outer natural rubber shell not only protects the rubber ball but also gives your dog another fun texture to work with. You’ll also love this toy since the shell prevents slobber from sticking to the ball and getting on your hands. What more can you ask for?

Final Thoughts

dogs in a pile of leaves

German shepherds are a popular dog breed that will be a loyal best friend for many years. As a good dog owner, you’ll want to make sure he has lots of exercise and fun toys to engage his intelligent mind. There are also some fun toys on our list for you to enjoy with your buddy too!

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