Dog Toys for Dental Health from Petstages

Dog Toys for Dental Health

Canine dental health tips and a complete shopping list of dog toys for dental health

Did you know that your dog’s dental health is connected to their overall health? Dogs have a total of 42 permanent adult teeth and it’s important that each one is healthy. A dog with good dental hygiene can live years longer than a dog with poor dental health.

Learn how dog toys for dental health from Petstages tackle plaque on your dog’s teeth. Let’s help them chew the right thing!

Canine dental health tips and a complete shopping list of dog toys for dental health

Dog Dental Health Care Basics

Periodontal disease is also known as gum disease. And it is the most common disease seen in adult dogs and cats. Periodontal disease in dogs can lead to “chronic pain, eroded gums, missing teeth, and bone loss,” not to mention more vet bills.

To prevent this, veterinarians recommend that we brush our dog’s teeth 2-3 times a week for at least 60 seconds. Remember to use a toothpaste made for dogs. Flavors like chicken and beef can also keep your dog interested for longer.

Dogs should receive one professional dental cleaning a year by the age of 2 (or as your veterinarian advises). While you’re in their mouth brushing, examine for any cuts or changes. Dogs often won’t signal if they are in pain, so monitor their mouth over time.

Try to ramp up your new teeth-brushing habit over time if you currently don’t brush your dog’s teeth. Soon your pup (and you) will get comfortable with it. In the meantime, Petstages toys like Orka DentaLinks and Mini Dental Chew Dog Toys can provide gum stimulation and remove food debris between brushes.

More Dog Toys for Dental Health

Dog toys for dental health aren’t limited to toys that clean their teeth. It’s important to find dog chew toys that are safe for your dog’s mouth. As we all know, dogs love their sticks. But sticks pose a lot of danger to dogs. We developed Petstages Dogwood to give dogs a safe version of the sticks they love so much.

Dogwood won’t splinter like a stick. Made from a blend of natural wood fiber and safe synthetic materials, Dogwood mimics the texture and taste of real wood. It provides a healthier outlet for dogs who need to satisfy natural chewing urges.

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