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Dog finding treat in Multipuzzle game


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Dog finding treat in Multipuzzle game


Dog are individuals. Some go crazy for squeaky squirrel toys, while others prefer something to chew on. Some live for fetch and some live to snuggle. No matter your dog's toy preferences, there's something here they're sure to love.

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Dog finding treat in Multipuzzle game


"Dogs and cats have four legs and one head. All five need exercise daily, both physically and mentally. Some require more than others, but everyone needs it."

This is Nina Ottosson's philosophy. The dog puzzles she designs are a testament to the importance of mental stimulation for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

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Dog finding treat in Multipuzzle game


Our calming dog beds, cat beds, faux fur donut beds, and pet huts are designed to mimic the anxiety-easing security of a mother's fur coat. These pet beds contain fibers that maintain loft for up to 3x longer than regular dog beds, providing optimal joint, muscle, and neck support. Best Friends machine-washable dog beds are available in multiple sizes and colors that match any home's decor!

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