Summer Bucket List Ideas For You and Your Pup

The Dog Days of Summer Don’t Stand a Chance!

Splash up some fun with your furry friend with these seven epic summer dog-friendly bucket list ideas!

1. Hike a 14er

doggy backpack

Hiking over 14,000 ft can be done in only four U.S. states; making the most of your 14K journey can be done with only one of your best friends — your dog.

Explore new ground with high-quality performance gear that will keep your pup safely equipped using the Outward Hound DayPak. This light-capacity pack features four expandable pockets great for storing hiking essentials, and it easily attaches/detaches to your pup’s leash for quick release.

2. Cruise in a convertible

Whether it’s down a mountain pass or through your neighborhood, your dog loves the feeling of wind blowing through their hair as much, if not more, than you!

Roll the windows down and cruise while keeping your pup safe with a booster car seat for dogs. This booster safely keeps your dog seated in the back seat and protects your upholstery from hair and muddy paws!

3. Go for a swim

Beat the heat and take your dog for a dip! Some cities are famous for their public puppy pools, but if you don’t have one near you, lakes and oceans can be even better!

Featuring high-visibility colors, reflective accents, adjustable release buckles, and dual grab handles for safety, the Dawson Life Jacket is expertly designed to keep your dog safe in the water and looking precious while he paddles!

bulldog swimming in a pool

4. Camp in a national forest

Sleep under the stars in some of the best parks in the U.S. with your pup! Keep them busy while you fish or relax by camp with durable chew toys like Dogwood. Your dog will spend hours outdoors safely chewing and chomping away on this durable and tough toy. Made with real wood, the natural smell of Dogwood has an appeal that other chew toys just can’t match.

dog friendly campgrounds

5. Run in an obstacle course race

Take your training outdoors and dive, dip, and dodge with your dog using the Zip & Zoom Agility Kit! This course challenges your dog’s I.Q. with a variety of obstacles while providing an outlet for your dog’s desire to exercise and play!

Overcoming obstacles with your pup will create trust and allow for quality time for you both to learn how to work together.

6. Picnic in the park

Slow things down while enjoying the sun by bringing your dog to a local park for a picnic. While you indulge in your happy hour, they will be occupied fetching an Orka Flyer!

orka flyer frisbee

7. Find your favorite farmer’s market

Support local businesses and farmers while getting your share of fresh fruits and veggies without having to leave your hound at home!

Take your dog to the markets using the PoochPouch Backpack or even venture on a hike. This pup pack makes carrying your dog safe, comfortable, and easy when you’re on the go no matter where that may be!

Hopefully, you and your pup can use our summer dog bucket list to check off some fun adventures together this summer!

Happy tails & trails!