Dawson Swim Dog Life Jacket Fitting Instructions

A Step-By-Step Guide to Fitting the Dawson Swim Life Jacket

A dog life jacket is essential if you take your pup swimming or boating on a regular basis. It’s just as important to make sure it fits your dog properly.

Check out the Dawson life jacket in action in the below video.

Behind the Design

Developing the Dawson dog life jacket was a true test of life jacket safety. It took a whole lot of testing to bring our Dawson life vest to life. Lynn Rosen, Outward Hound’s VP of design, explains:

The doggie paddle can only go so far. Most people think that dogs can naturally swim, sometimes that is not the case. We designed the Dawson to accomodate and support all types of swimmers.

How does this life jacket make swimming safer? “The Dawson life jacket was deisnged with reinforced handles in order to be able to lift a dog out of the water while in a boat, on a paddle board, or in a swimming pool,” said Rosen.

“The colors of the Dawson are bright so that you can easily spot your dog in the water.”

Rosen said the use of neoprene material is key for warmth and safety as well. “Neoprene technology is inherently very functional in the water since it is naturally buoyant and insulating. It’s the perfect material for a dog life jacket.”

Take a look at our step-by-step guide to getting the best fit for your pup when they wear the Dawson Swim life jacket.

Step 1: Putting It on

Un-Velcro tabs and unbuckle buckles to fully extend straps.

With your dog standing, center the top of the life jacket on your dog’s back. The jacket should sit close to the base of your dog’s neck.

Wrap and secure the neck panel around your dog’s neck.

Wrap belly band and secure with buckles.

Step 2: Tighten Straps

With your dog standing, keep the life jacket centered on your dog’s back and belly and tighten all straps to a secure fit. But not too tight! A secure fit will allow you to slip two fingers between the jacket and your dog.

Roll all loose strap ends towards the buckles and secure rolled ends to the straps using Velcro tabs. You may need to adjust straps during use to maintain a best fit between wet and dry periods.

Step 3: Have Fun!

You’re ready for fun! All straps are now fitted and will stay in place during your next water adventure!

Do you have the Granby life jacket instead? You can find the Granby fitting instructions here.

Still having trouble with the fit? Please contact support@outwardhound.com for assistance.