Meet Wholesome Pride’s Raw Freeze-Dried Protein Dog Treats

Meet Wholesome Pride’s New Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

dog sitting on grass freeze-dried dog treat

When it comes to freeze-dried dog treats, the options can seem endless. There are so many different types of treats out there, it can make even the most seasoned dog food shopper get overwhelmed and say, “Woof!” 

Are you wondering, “What’s the best training treat for my dog?” “What are freeze-dried dog treats?” “Are freeze-dried dog treats healthy?” Then you’re in the right spot!

Wholesome Pride has rolled out a new line of raw, freeze-dried, limited-ingredient, grain-free dog treats. And we want to give you the full scoop on why we love them. 

Wholesome Pride Raw Freeze-Dried Protein treats are a simple, healthy dog treat made with limited ingredients and only the good stuff. From beef liver to chicken flavor, there are many varieties for pet parents to choose from — without worrying about a mile-long list of suspect ingredients, additives, and preservatives.

#1 Our Freeze Dried Dog Treats are Made in The USA

We don’t mess around when it comes to our dog treats. We only include nutritious, USA-made ingredients.

#2 All-Natural, Grain-Free

These 100% all-natural, grain-free dog treats have no artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives. 

#3 Keeping it Simple  

We make minimally processed, healthy treats for dogs that improve the overall wellness and balance in your pet’s nutrition. And keep happy tails wagging. Our goal with our USA-made pet food is to provide a safe snack for dogs with food allergies or sensitive stomachs.

#4 Wholesome Goals

We’re all about creating the best dog treats with healthy and natural ingredients that you can feel great about giving to your dog. These 100% natural, grain free dog treats have no artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives.

Wholesome Pride Raw Freeze-Dried Salmon – 2 ingredients – Our salmon is wild-caught in Alaska, providing your pup with quality raw fish.

Wholesome Pride Raw Freeze-Dried Chicken – 2 ingredients – These raw freeze-dried chicken snacks are perfect for your pup and made in the USA from American cage-free chickens. 

Wholesome Pride Raw Freeze-Dried Beef – 3 ingredients – These raw freeze-dried beef & liver snacks are perfect for your pup. Plus, they’re made in the USA from American beef.

What Is a Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Treat?

Raw dog treats or raw dog foods include raw meat, vegetables, and fruit, as well as other dehydrated and freeze-dried products. Basically, if the treats are prepared without being heated up to boiling temperature, it can be called ‘raw.’ The freeze-drying process removes moisture at low temperatures. These uncooked treats will fit into your dogs lifestyle seamlessly if they follow a raw diet.

Much like the food NASA astronauts pack for space missions, a raw freeze-dried treat takes that uncooked food and freeze-dries it for a much (much) longer shelf life! Our new salmon, beef liver, and chicken treats are excellent for rewarding you pup with a high value treat they’ll LOVE!

How to Use Wholesome Pride Freeze Dried Protein Treats

Raw freeze-dried treats are top-notch, high value snacks for dogs. Is your dog a picky eater? Use it as a topper on pet food for pups who need a little extra oomph in their kibble. They’re also great training treats that will motivate your pup to learn manners and new tricks!

While your pooch might fall in love with these tasty morsels, it’s important to remember that at all of your dog’s life stages, treats should only make up 10% of your their daily calories.

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