10 Outdoor Dog Toys You And Your Pooch Will Love

There are many benefits to getting outside with your dog. Haven’t hit the backyard, the lake, or the park with your pup yet this month? Here are a few of our favorite interactive outdoor dog toys, gear, and treats to get you inspired and add a little pep into your step!

The Best Outdoor Dog Toys for Backyard Play

Are you a dog owner looking for something other than simple fetch toys to keep your furry friend entertained and happy? Below are some great outdoor dog toys to keep them busy. Our pets LOVE these. They will allow you and your dog to make the most of your backyard this summer season!

1. Zip & Zoom Outdoor Agility Kit

The Outdoor Agility Kit is one of the best outdoor dog toys

The Zip & Zoom Outdoor Agility Kit is an expertly designed doggie obstacle course that brings agility training into your backyard! This portable set arrives at your door with a special carrying case for easy transportation from the house to the park.

Use the weaving poles, tunnel, and high-jump to get your pup’s wheels turning mentally and physically! We love this activity because training and exercising with our dogs deepen our bond with them. The Outward Hound outdoor agility kit provides an interactive exercise experience with your dog. It teaches them both how to navigate a course and use their problem-solving skills! 

PRO TIP: If your pup is having trouble learning the course, use some tasty treats to guide them through the steps. Maybe they need to see how it’s done!

2. Dogwood Stick

Petstages dogwood

If your dog likes to chew on sticks that they find in your backyard then they will love the Dogwood Chew Stick! This pet toy is much safer for your dog to be chewing on than real sticks they pick up. Sticks outside can splinter and harm your dog’s mouth, as well as upset their digestive system.

The Petstages Dogwood Stick combines durable synthetic material with natural wood — a scent that dogs love! This chew will keep dogs busy — your dog won’t waste a moment before chewing away. This chew toy comes in multiple sizes so you can get a size that is the most fun and safe for your big dog or small dog.

3. Tail Teaser Wand Toy

The Tail Teaser is one of the best outdoor dog toys

Cats shouldn’t have all the fun! Our Tail Teaser chase toy for dogs works as well outdoors as it does indoors. This durable wand toy for dogs is a perfect way to get your pup moving for some interactive chasing and mental stimulation. Your pooch will go crazy trying to catch the fuzzy tail on the end of the cord of this interactive toy.

Use the wand to send the toy weaving through the grass or flying in the air! Enjoy the running, jumping, and pouncing all over the backyard that follows.

Tip: Always have a dog bowl of fresh water available.

Outdoor Dog Toys for Fun in the Water

Calling all water dogs! When temperatures rise there is nothing better than cooling off and splashing around at the beach, lake, or pool. Take a look at some great aqua-friendly dog toys and gear.

4. Dog Life Jacket

If you are heading out to the lake, beach, or river for a weekend getaway, we highly recommend having a life jacket for your dog. They allow you to be worry-free while your dog enjoys the water. The Granby and Dawson life jackets for dogs are specifically designed with your dog’s safety in mind. 

Available in five sizes from extra small to extra large, we ensure you’ll get the perfect fit for your pooch. Our dog life jackets are made in high visibility colors and reflective strips so you can quickly spot your dog in the water, too.

Both jackets have rescue grab handles for quick lifting. The Granby dog life jacket is made of durable ripstop material allowing your pup to play rough and tough. The Dawson dog life jacket is made with neoprene material that is great for keeping your pup warm when the water is cold. 

5. Floating Dog Toys

Floatiez are some of the best outdoor dog toys

Our line of adorable Floatiez is buoyant, floating water toys that make fetch time even more fun and engaging! Dogs love their bright colors because they are easy to spot in the water.

Floatiez interactive dog toys make silly sea sounds like giggles and squeaks that will make your dog will go wild. With multiple sea creatures available, you can ensure your dog gets their favorite color! These floating squeaky dog toys are durable and made to stand up to repeated water play.

6. Orka Tire

The Orka Tire is one of the best outdoor dog toys

The Petstages Orka Tire is a tough treat-dispensing dog chew toy made for dogs of all ages. Easily fill it with treats or dog food for a rewarding session of solo or interactive play.

There is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy, but this one comes close. The Orka Tire is constructed from high-quality durable TPE Orka material for superior longevity that is ideal for medium to large breeds and aggressive chewers. Textures add interest and help massage gums for fun that’s also healthy. 

Bouncy and buoyant, this dog toy will become a staple in your dog’s water toy collection in no time! The tire shape is perfect for retrieving because it’s easy for dogs to hold in their mouths during a romp. Pups also love the unpredictable bouncing pattern it has! When it’s time to chill out, stuff the tire with your dog’s favorite treats to keep your dog close by and occupied. 

7. Orbee-Tuff Squeak Ball

The Squeak ball is one of the best outdoor dog toys

The Orbee-Tuff Squeak Ball dog toy is not your average squeaker ball! Whole Dog Journal voted this toy the most durable dog ball! The material is ultra-strong, BPA, and phthalate-free. 

Its buoyancy makes it an ideal ball to bring out for water play. The patent-pending squeaker technology keeps the squeaker embedded in the ball without any glues or adhesives. So not only is the squeaker difficult for dogs to get to, but the toy is also 100% nontoxic. This dog toy is a must-have for pet parents with squeaky toy-loving dogs!

Outdoor Dog Toys for Playing at the Park

The park is a great place to get out and exercise your dog. Parks allow your pup to travel and play with more space than your home may allow. The below toys are perfect park playdate toys that both you and your pup (and their friends!) will enjoy.

8. Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball

The Diamond Plate Ball is one of the best outdoor dog toys

The Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball is a great toy to bring with you to the dog park to keep the fetching fun going long! This ball is made of extra durable, gummy material that your pup will love to chase and chew all day during outdoor play.

This toy is a fan favorite for active dogs because it doubles as a fetch ball and treat stuffer. If after a game of fetch you want to settle down for a picnic, you can fill this toy with dog treats to keep them busy! Their focus will stay on the treat ball rather than on YOUR tasty lunch. It’s their very own portable interactive puzzle.

9. Squeaky Tennis Balls

Squeaker Ballz are some of the best outdoor dog toys

Your dog will go crazy for the Squeaker Ballz because they combine your dog’s two favorites — a tennis ball and a squeaky toy — into one exciting toy. Available in bright colors and four different sizes from extra-small to large, there’s a Squeaker Ballz pack for pups of all sizes.

10. Orka Flying Disc

orka flyer frisbee

Perfect for fetch-loving large dogs and made with a thick TPE rubber rim for added longevity, these Orka Flyer discs are made to withstand hours of interactive play from even the toughest biters! It’s made of durable rubber yet gentle on your dog’s teeth for a game of tug. And since this frisbee floats in water, it’s a perfect beach day companion.

Fuel All That Outdoor Playtime With High-Value Treats

Wholesome Pride Beef Protein Treats

Using a treat to help with backyard training is a great way to help get your best friend comfortable with agility training. Our sister brand Wholesome Pride’s healthy dog treats are made with natural, minimal ingredients like sweet potatoes and bananas. With less than five ingredients, your dog is getting less of the fillers and more of the fuel. Plus, it’s not as messy as peanut butter.

Wholesome Pride also has new raw freeze-dried protein treats to really get your dog motivated. These raw freeze-dried snacks are made in the USA from wild-caught Alaskan salmon, American beef, or cage-free chicken. At Wholesome Pride, we create the best dog treats with healthy & natural ingredients that you (and we!) can feel great about giving to your dog. 

You can find all of these outdoor dog toys, rope toys, ball launchers, bungee tug toys for tug of war, dog puzzle toys, tug of war toys, and more on our website, Amazon, Chewy, Pet Supplies Plus, or your local independent pet store.

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