Fun Summer Activities for Dogs (and You!)

We have just a little less than half of summer left to enjoy. Let’s make the most of it! Here are some dog-friendly summer activities you can do with your best friend. You might come across perks too!

Catch some waves

beach must haves for dogs

Naturally, some of the best summer activities for dogs involve water. Many pools and beaches welcome dogs. Before you go, double-check the rules to see if you are allowed to have your pup off-leash.

Beaches, pools, & boating

dog water sports

Go swimming at a dog-friendly beach! Look for dog-friendly pools, reservoirs, and beaches in or near your community. Don’t forget that dog life jacket! This is a great time to teach your dog how to swim. Swimming doesn’t come naturally for all dogs and every dog needs a life vest for safety — even the most natural swimmers.

Some great freshwater activities you can do with your pooch include stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing.

You can also bring the experience home in your own backyard with an inflatable or portable kiddie pool. Sprinklers are especially fun for water-loving dogs to cool off in the summertime.

Catch some rays

Think back to fun things you really enjoyed doing last summer. If you are a new pet parent, what are some ways you can include your pup in some of your favorite fun activities?

Camping, Hiking, or Trail Running

hiking summer activities for dogs

There’s the obvious like a trip to the dog park or a walk around the neighborhood. You can also make the effort to go camping (if your local state government allows it) or take a mini road trip to a hiking trail. Make sure your four-legged friend has all of their essentials in their doggy daypack.

Go for a hike or trail run. Make a day trip out of it! This is a great time to get the blood flowing and your heart rate up while doing something you actually enjoy.

Dog owners: don’t forget to protect your dog’s paws from hot or rough terrain with paw salve or dog booties. And keep your dog cool and hydrated throughout the journey with plenty of water.

Host a BBQ or Make a Reservation

french bulldog picnic

See if there are any dog-friendly restaurants near you with patio seating.

Hop outside and have a cookout or make a few of your favorite summer meals for yourself, friends, and family. Equip your outside space with backyard dog toys like frisbees, balls, or an agility course.

Make sure your pup has a frozen summer dog treat as well! Watermelon also makes for a refreshing dog-friendly snack during the summer months. (Plus: check out this healthy recipe for DIY pupsicles/ice cream.)

Have a picnic

Stop by the farmer’s market for some cheeses and fruits and build a picnic basket! Have that picnic in your backyard, or patio, or you’re at your favorite park.

Some communities offer outdoor movies or dog-friendly drive-ins where you can BYO-picnic. Now’s the perfect time to take advantage of your area’s free outdoor events and offerings.

Relax & chill

dog on hammock with human. safe human food for dogs

Rounding up this list of summer activities for dogs is simply hanging out! Set up a hammock or comfortable seating and just chill. Fresh air, your pup by your side, add some tunes or a good book and you’re set.

That’s a summer activity with your dog that can be very enjoyable. Just make sure there is a shady spot and water bowl to prevent overheating on an especially hot summer day.

Safety tip: If you’re doing outdoor activities for an extended period of time, find some dog-safe sunscreen for your pup (yes, dogs need sunscreen, too!)

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As summer winds down, catch some waves and rays with your furriest mate in any way that you can, and grab the right toys and gear to ensure a lot of fun in the sun.