Award-Winning Interactive Cat Toys for Playing at Home

Cat lovers rejoice! We’re excited to announce that Outward Hound has been selected as the winner of a 2020 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award! The editors at Pet Business choose from a mix of new products every year. And this year, the Nina Ottosson by Petstages Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Cat Game won the award for Best Cat Toy in the Interactive category! 

Our interactive cat toys will keep your kitties on their toes, literally! The Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Cat Game, along with our other cat puzzles, provides both physical and mental stimulation. If you’ve got a smarty cat that craves a challenge beyond scratchers and laser pointers, don’t miss out on this award-winning interactive cat toy. 

As the first of their kind, our Nina Ottosson by Petstages Puzzle & Play games are, well, a game changer! Your cat will love batting at the pegs and swiveling the leaves to uncover 16 (yep, 16!) treats compartments — eight on top and eight on the bottom. Each puzzle presents its own level of difficulty.

See which one is your cat’s new favorite!

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Interactive Cat Toys

Teaser Wand Cat Toys


Petstages’ line of Teaser Wand Cat Toys will entertain both you and your cat(s)! Because dogs shouldn’t get to have all the fun!

Teaser toys are the cat’s me-ow. While there are plenty of interactive laser cat toys out there, why not go analog with a classic? 

These interactive cat toys will build your indoor cat’s confidence in their pouncing skills and in you. Is your cat a chaser? Drag the teaser through a cat tunnel!

Teaser wands allow you to play with your cat in a way that positively reinforces their natural hunting instincts to chase and pounce.

Plus, this isn’t your standard feather wand. No basic feather toy attached here — the ends are filled with catnip! They also feature crinkle sounds to get everybody excited for playtime. The wand toy’s comfort grip handle ensures you can play for as long as your kitty desires to chase in turbo-mode for that catnip-filled endgame.

Slow Feeding Mats


Slow feeding is a popular trend that started with dogs who love to scarf their meals down. We can’t forget about our feline friends, though!

All of our pets can be equally ravenous and race through their meals. This can actually be bad for your cat’s health. 

Did you know that slowing your cat’s eating pace with a puzzle toy can improve digestion and help reduce bloat?

When your pet’s tummy fills up fast, it causes it to expand and press against its surrounding organs. The increase in pressure can interrupt important functions like blood flow. When the blood can’t flow freely, it’s not pumping effectively to organs like their heart. Many don’t realize how dangerous it is for cats or dogs to eat too quickly and get too full. 

This is why Petstages has created fun dispensers and feeding mats designed especially for cats. All you need is cat food or catnip to use it as both a game and a healthy feeding system.

Each mat has ridges and mazes to keep kitties engaged and hunting for their food. We know how important it is to keep the health of our furry friends in mind. That’s why we designed these mats with food-safe materials. They’re free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Hooray for cats being able to savor their meals rather than devour them!

Chase and Hunt Cat Toys


Have you heard? Ball track cat games are all the rage. And we’ve got three words for you. Four. Level. Track. 

That’s right! Chase Meowtain has towering four levels and four brightly-colored balls for your cat to swat at. This exciting moving puzzle stimulates kitties’ senses and satisfies hunting instincts.

These types of interactive cat toys are a great way for cats to get their daily exercise indoors. It’s also purrfect for cats who love to play together.

The Honeycomb Hide-A-Ball is great for both hunting and scratching. The pink, feathery cat balls encourage energetic play while the corrugate toy is awesome for scratching and batting. You can easily add or remove the catnip balls by pulling the honeycomb base open and inserting the catnip balls at the top or bottom.

What’s your furbaby’s favorite interactive toy?

Let us know how you and your cat are keeping busy. Any tips are welcome! You can also read our other articles for more ideas on how to provide mental stimulation for your cat. You can find any of our cat and catnip toys on our website, Amazon, Chewy, Pet Supplies Plus, and more! Meow for now!