Outward Hound Sustainability + Walmart’s Project Gigaton

Outward Hound and our sister brands are always looking for ways we can continually Raise the Woof. In 2020, we examined our packaging, product use, and designs for ways to increase sustainability. We were able to reduced 461.1 Metric TONS of CO2e emissions in a single year!

How? Through Walmart’s Project Gigaton. As a Walmart supplier, we’re working with the retail corporation to continually improve what we make and how we make it. Project Gigaton is a Walmart sustainability initiative we joined in 2020. Together with other partners in the program, we’re striving to cut down greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion metric tons (1 gigaton) by 2030. It’s a tall order, but we’re on our way.

Get to know the changes we made this year to minimize our impact on this planet we love.

Recyclable, Sustainable Packaging

  • Outward Hound has produced 365 tons of recyclable packaging in 2020. This included 219 tons of recyclable plastic and 146 tons of paper packaging.
  • This has saved 130 Metric Tons of CO2e emissions.
  • We identified 183 items that are recyclable and are updating packaging with consumer friendly recycling labels. This has become a running change we’re implementing across multiple categories.
  • Future Goals: Outward Hound plans to implement consumer friendly recycling labels on 75% of our paper-based packaging by 2025.

Reducing Plastic Packaging

  • Outward Hound has reduced 66 tons of plastic waste in 2020.
  • This has saved 208.5 Metric Tons of CO2e emissions.
  • We removed PCV blisters and replaced with zip ties in Liver Branch items.

Increasing Recycled Materials in Packaging

  • Outward Hound has used 63 tons of recycled plastic in 2020.
  • This has saved 118.2 Metric Tons of CO2e emissions.
  • We have replaced PVC with r-PET in blister packaging of Dogwood and Deerhorn items.

Increasing Recycled Materials for Sustainable Product Design

  • Outward Hound has used 127 tons of recycled materials in product design.
  • This has saved 6.4 Metric Tons of CO2e emissions.
  • We have used recycled corrugate in cat scratch items.

We’re honored to be a part of such an important sustainability initiative. And we’re grateful to you, our loyal pack, for supporting us through these changes. Looking to get to know Outward Hound and the best brands in pet better? Click here.