2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Is it annoyingly early for holiday gift guides right now? Yes. Is the world going to be experiencing shipping delays for the next several months? Also yes. You might as well get a head start!

We’ve put together a list of 10 pawfect holiday gifts for dogs that are sure to be on your best friend’s wish list this year!

christmas gifts for dogs

1. Dog Brick Interactive Dog Toy 

Who says learning can’t be fun? With the Dog Brick food puzzle, you can stimulate your pup’s brain and have a blast at the same time! This unique toy is a tricky and activating game for you and your dog.

Hide treats in the nook under the sliding discs, and let your dog look for the goodies by trying to pull the discs to the side with his paw or nose. Increase the degree of difficulty by placing the white plastic blocks in the nooks in the middle of the Dog Brick. Your pup will love the reward for a job well done, and you’ll love watching him put on that doggy thinking cap!

2. Slo-Bowl Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl 

It’s natural for dogs to play with their food. Add a bit of fun to every bite with a Fun Feeder! Featuring meal-lengthening ridges and mazes, Fun Feeders keep pups engaged for up to 10 times longer at chow time. These bowls are veterinarian recommended for dogs who eat too fast and need to eat at a healthier pace.

3. Hide a Squirrel Plush Puzzle Dog Toy 

Bound to become one of your best friend’s favorites, Outward Hound’s lovable toys are durably designed with an engaging array of shapes, sounds, and textures so you can have huge fun with your furry friend.

Treat your pup to hide-and-seek fun with Hide A Squirrel! Just stuff the squeaky squirrels in the plush tree trunk, and watch as your dog sniffs them out. To keep the game going, just stuff them in again and again!

4. Squeaker Matz Gator Dog Toy 

Outward Hound’s lovable toys are durably designed with an engaging array of shapes, sounds, and textures so you can have huge fun with your furry friend. Dogs dig Squeaker Matz! With multiple rows of squeakers and awesome shake and flap factor, these toys are sure to keep pups playing.

5. Holiday Hedgehogz with Santa Hat Dog Toy 

Holiday fun has never looked more adorable than the Outward Hound Holiday Hedgehogz with Santa Hat Dog Toy. Covered in velvety-soft faux fur, this cute little critter is wearing a big Santa hat that makes a great handle for your playful pup to pick him up and thrash him around.

His unique grunting squeaker will keep your curious pooch engaged for hours, while the interior rattle adds even more audible entertainment. He’s ideally suited for tossing, tugging, and shaking when it’s too cold to play outside; he’s also the paw-sitively perfect snuggle buddy for a long winter’s nap by the fire once playtime is over.

6. Invincibles

Invincibles are made with two layers of super-tough fabric and special squeakers that squeak even after being punctured. The Dura-Tuff inner lining prevents ripping and no stuffing means no mess for parents to clean up!

7. Planet Dog Holiday Balls

Orbee-Tuff Holiday Balls are an all-in-one fetch, chase, and chew toy! Toast “to life!” with this durable, Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff ball. Your dog will love the ball, you will love the meaning. Perfect for Hanukkah. Each ball comes with holes on either side to stuff with treats to keep your dog stimulated and keep their cravings at bay. All Orbee-Tuff toys are made from a durable TPE material that is BPA, lead, and phthalate-free. Easy to clean with warm water and mild soap.

8. Holiday Earmuffs

Turn your average everyday pup into a festive friend with the Holiday Earmuffs. Perfect for holiday parties and family photos, these cozy pet accessories are made with comfortable, soft plush material and fits most dogs. Deck the dogs with Outward Hound Holiday Apparel!

9. Holiday Chew Toy Bone Treat Stuffer

Orka chew toys are both soft and durable. They satisfy your dog’s urge to chew while providing multi-sensory textures. The Orka Bone brings together three cheerful holiday colors, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite pup.

10. Sweet Potato Fries — Holiday Edition!

We don’t use any artificial or unnatural preservatives, artificial colors, or fillers in our dog treats, which make them a perfect snack for pups with sensitive bellies or food allergies. These treats are made from aesthetically imperfect sweet potatoes that otherwise would have gone unused just for their appearance! As part of our sustainability initiative, we created delicious dog treats out of them.

Sweet potatoes and their skins are a natural source of fiber and vegetable-based nutrients. These healthy treats are minimally processed and made in the USA. Because there is such minimal processing, treats will vary in size, shape, and firmness. The best part about these treats: they are made from one ingredient—sweet potatoes!