2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Christmas Cat Toys

It’s the holiday season! And do you know what cats (probably) love the most about Christmas? Attacking, chasing, and batting the leftover wrapping paper and ribbons.

Ribbons, string, tinsel, and wrapping paper are not the safest Christmas cat toys. Some can be deadly. You want to keep these items away from your kitty because they will become a choking hazard or worse — wrap around the intestine. Before you know it, your inquisitive cat has gotten into trouble, and your holiday gathering has come to an abrupt halt as you rush your pet to the emergency vet.

With holidays come hazards. The decorations and pretty wrapped gifts are way too tempting for our furry friends. Keep the ornaments out of their mouths and redirect their curiosity to cat-appropriate toys.

Here are some great interactive cat toys, catnip toys, and other gift ideas that will satiate your kitty’s natural instincts without posing any major health risks.

christmas cat toys

Crinkle Christmas Gifts for Cats

Cats love a good crinkly toy, which is why they’re so drawn to items like wrapping paper and tissue paper. Ask Santa Claus to stuff their Christmas stocking with their own crinkle toys that are safer to play with like crinkle balls. There’s no Christmas cat toy like one actually designated for cats.

Interactive Hunting Toys

Cats need an outlet for their natural hunting instincts. Consider this little gift box: The Grass Patch Hunting Box. The Grass Patch Hunting Box from Petstages features three jingle balls for kitties to bat, paw, and chase. It even doubles as a nice napping spot.

The Tower of Tracks ball toy cat track is another popular hunting toy and our best seller. This interactive cat toy has three levels of spinning balls that roll around as your cat (or cats) plays.

You can also try an interactive cat puzzle. This will keep them occupied and their minds stimulated as they use problem-solving skills to unveil the hidden cat food.

Christmas Cat Toys: Scratcher Cat Gift

A scratching post is a must for any cat lover’s household. In a way, a scratching post is a cat’s very own Christmas tree! Look for one with sisal rope that will keep your kitty’s nails trimmed and healthy.

Catnip Cat Toys, Plush Toys, and Kicker Toys

Cats love a pet toy infused with catnip. You can DIY a little gift basket of cat toys set up in a cute arrangement. Small and affordable ones like the Petstages Crunch Fish cat toy contain catnip and are the perfect shape for bunny kicks. Plush they’ve got that irresistible crinkle sound. Pair with a Purr Pillow that comforts stressed-out cats and is perfect for snuggling

Teaser Wand Toys

Have you ever seen a cat that didn’t go crazy over a teaser wand? You can’t go wrong with one of these.

You could also DIY a cat wand that’s on-theme by wrapping a red ribbon around a pole to make it look like a candy cane!

Cat Bed or Meow Hut

If your kitty likes to hide or enjoys his cat tunnel, they’re going to love a cozy pet hut. These cat beds provide 360-degree coverage to help your cat feel safe, warm, and secure. Having their own little private safe space is great for their overall happiness and wellbeing.

Holiday Cat Toys & Festive Accessories

Give them a cat collar with flair, which will probably stay on longer than a Santa hat. You can’t go wrong with a party collar! Your cat will hate it, but if they can keep it on long enough for a cute photo, it’ll be worth it.

Cat Puzzles

Nothing satiates a cat’s curiosity like an interactive cat puzzle. The Melon Madness Puzzle & Play cat game will give them a challenge they crave. Cats bat at the pegs and swivel the seeds to uncover the 12 hidden treat compartments. Adjust the difficulty of the puzzle to make it easier for beginners or more challenging for super-smarty cats. 

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