Supremely Cozy Gift Basket Ideas for Pet Parents

The holidays are coming up and you’re not sure what to get for your friends and family. It’s cold. The clocks have turned back an hour and it’s dark out by 4 p.m. You just want to crawl under a soft blanket for a movie night with a mug of hot cocoa and cuddle with your dog or cat. You think, “I have a gift idea!” Cozy gift basket.

Give them a self-care gift you’d like just a much. Take a look at the following DIY gift set ideas for the pet parent in your life. Your loved one and their pet are going to love these holiday gifts.

Comfy Throw Blankets for Pets & Parents

dog snuggling under a shag blanket

The perfect gift box meant for a hygge lifestyle isn’t complete without an ultra-soft blanket. Best Friends by Sheri blankets are some of the softest ones around this holiday season.

You can take your pick of fabrics: shag faux fur, shorter pile lux fur, or SnuggleSoft/vegan rabbit fur. All are designed to reminisce a mother’s fur coat aiding your pets in superior comfort and security. An effortless way for your pets to snuggle up on the couch or on the go, this versatile blanket will also help protect your furniture, car seats, and floors.

You could also get a blanket and a matching pet bed bundle deal.

Blanket Buddies

blanket buddies dog toy

Perfect for your Christmas gift basket, Blanket Buddies are a 2-in-1 treat and squeak toys that bring the best of both worlds to your dog: snuggling and play! Each Blanket Buddies character comes with a small dog blanket in the pouch for your dog to cuddle with. The pouch can also be used to hide treats for an interactive game of hide and seek.

Soothing Scents

puppy playing with balls

Gift aromatherapy. You can grab a high-quality lotion or some essential oils and an affordable diffuser for your human friend and calming scented dog ball for your canine friend.

Available in calming rosemary, lavender, and vanilla, these durable dog balls also work as treat dispensers. Planet Dog balls are best sellers for a reason. The balls make great gifts and are constructed from Orbee-Tuff material that’s 100% TPE rubber and designed specifically to withstand hours of vigorous play and chew sessions.

Whether your pup’s acclimating to their new home or needs extra support when they get scared, an Ice Agerz toy is a great solution. When shaken, the toy’s inner rattle releases a soothing lavender scent.

Warm & Cozy Treats

dog on hammock with human. safe human food for dogs

For humans, a cute coffee mug or tumbler with a homemade hot chocolate mix is the best gift for cocoa lovers. Dogs can get their chow on with a bag of limited-ingredient treats like Wholesome Pride’s Sweet Potato Chews.

Additional Holiday Gift Box Ideas

  • A spa gift card
  • Dark or milk chocolate bar
  • Plush bathrobe
  • Slippers

All these and more a great for “thinking of you” gifts or wishing someone a happy birthday.

A cozy gift basket can be gifted at more than just the holidays. They make great care packages, birthday gifts, thank-you gifts, and housewarming gifts too. The items in this post are available on Amazon and Chewy.

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