These dogs know how to have a splashing good time!

Looking for some fun in the sun this summer? These pups will show you how to set sail into a summer the right way!

Hop in! The water’s fine!

pc: @australian_bacon

Safety meets style when sporting an Outward Hound Life Jacket.

pc: @bittybumpbump

Keepin’ an eye on the good times!

pc: @cinderthecitypup

Swimming + Ball = Summer Bliss.

pc: @bentleyandmonty

Anyone up for a pool party?

pc: @thewhitestpupsyouknow

Husky at the helm!

pc: @micahatc

Keepin’ it fun in the hot sun!

Floating down the river is a guaranteed good time.

pc: @oakley.gsd

Toss in some toys for a pawsitively perfect day.

pc: @dieselthegolden

Don’t you love feeling the wind in your fur?

pc: @archerthecavalier

Fur speed ahead!

pc: @lifeoftucker_

Big or small, there’s fun for all!

pc: @white_husky_blaze

A new way of fishing…

pc: @b_rob210

Remember to pause for a photo op!

pc: @adventures_of_baby_gosling

Going for style points with the bellyflop.

Float away the day with some fur friends.

pc: @captain_cody_dog

Dock dog, ready for action!

pc: corgi.dave

Sail away & have a great day!

pc: @frenchie.goose.on.the.loose

Is your pup ready for summer?