Ricochet – A Surfing Dog Who Pays It Forward

Meet Ricochet. She’s a Golden Retriever surfing dog who was born with a certain knack for balance. And for intuitively understanding a person’s emotional or physical pain.

Certainly, other animals have that kind of intuition as well. What makes Ricochet unique is that she surfs.

Yep. Ricochet. A Dog. On a surfboard. In the water. With passengers.

Ricochet is a surfing dog … but so much more

Ricochet is the only “SURFice Dog®” in the world—she balances her talent on a surfboard with her knack for giving special-needs kids, the disabled, or veterans with PTSD a sense of independence, confidence, and wholeness.

Check out this video of Ricochet in action. And don’t forget the tissues!


You can follow Ricochet on her Instagram page here

Or on her Facebook page here.

Here’s to Ricochet and all the therapy dogs out there—keep up the great work!