Squeak Attack: Why Do Dogs Love Squeaky Toys So Much?

For many pups, squeaky toys are the crème de la crème

dog with squeaky toy

Why do dogs like squeaky toys so much? Turns out, it’s more than just fun and games. It’s a primal, natural dog behavior!

When a toy squeaks every time your dog chomps down it, their natural prey and hunting instincts kick in—they’ve got an injured small animal in their jaws and it’s their job to finish it off. Squeak! Squeak! Growl. Shake. Squeak …

Once they’ve managed to remove and decommission the squeaker from the dog toy, well … triumph! Prey destroyed. Prey drive satiated. It’s a good reminder that our loveable fluffy life partners are direct descendants of the wolf—a mighty carnivorous predator.

Does your doggy live to squeak? Every dog needs multiple types of toys for entertainment. Here are some unique, must-have squeaky toys to add to their toy arsenal.

Best Squeaky Dog Toy for Fetch: Firehose Fetch

firehouse fetch toy squeaky toys

Perfect for fetch, tug, or toss games, these durable plush toys also come with a squeaker that will keep your pup engaged by activating their natural hunting instincts!

Made with double-stitched seams and real firehose material, these squeaker toys are crafted to withstand many days of rough play. The Firehose Fetch toy also floats on water and doubles as the perfect poolside option on hotter days.

Best Squeaking Symphony: Squeaker Matz

dog with squeaker mat dog toy

With 16 (yep, you read that right—16!) different squeakers and an awesome shake and flap factor, the Squeaker Matz squeak toys will keep your pup squeakin’ through the weekend. (Pet parents beware: there will be lots of auditory feedback of squeaking sounds heard.)

These soft plush dog toys are made with multiple rows of squeakers and crinkle that mimic bubble wrap to keep your pup engaged for hours! The flat and floppy body is great for interactive games of tug of war and chasing whether you have one dog or more.

Meant to be thrown, chased, and loved by your playful pooch (There is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy. This is not a dog chew toy or for aggressive chewers).

Best Interactive Squeaky Toy: Hide-a-Squirrel

small dog playing with interactive dog toy

Squeaky plush dog toy meets squirrel chase in one amazing interactive dog toy that provides hours of squeak-tainment.

Once you have your dog’s attention with the squeaky sound, just stuff the squeaky squirrels in the soft tree trunk and watch your dog pull them out one by one—then stuff them back in and do it all over again.

When your dog plays with this kind of toy he is working on his problem-solving skills. It’s a favorite toy among all dog breeds, especially small hunting breeds like rat terriers.

Outward Hound’s hide and seek plush dog puzzle was designed specifically to eliminate boredom, encourage positive play, and feed your dog’s natural hunting instincts. It’s a squeaky hide-and-seek plush bound to keep your pooch entertained for a while. Check out our Hide a Rainbow and Hide a Raccoon variety!

Best Durable Squeaker Dog Toy: Invinciblez

can dogs have autism? dog chewing a toy

Outward Hound Invincibles are durable toys that are perfect playtime companions for small dogs (they come in mini sizes!), medium dogs, and large dogs. These dog toys were specifically designed for dogs who like to play rough.

While still cuddly and cute on the outside, these plush toys have a special Dura-Tuff inner lining and double-layered outer seams to keep your pup’s new best friends intact longer. The stuff-free design reduces messiness and multiple squeakers will keep your dog entertained even after they’ve bitten through.

Best Squeaky Tennis Ball: Squeaker Ballz

squeaker tennis balls

Squeaker Ballz are a new twist on the classic tennis ball toy. These brightly colored, multi-sized squeaky balls are made with premium rubber so that the bounce doesn’t end before the games are done. Your pup will love fetching this squeaky tennis ball whether playing indoors or enjoying the great outdoors. They come in packs of four and eight so they’re great pet toys for a multipet household.

Another great squeaky ball is the Orbee-Tuff rubber ball. It combines the durability of Orbee-Tuff TPE material with the exciting sound of a squeaker to get your dog excited for playtime!

Best Squeaky Rubber Dog Toy: Squawkerz

latex free dog toys

Squawkers Latex Rubber Chickens are a favorite amongst pet owners and pups alike. Made from natural latex rubber and lead-free paint these hilarious dog toys are perfect for playing fetch and other games with your dog!

The irresistible squawking squeaker will keep them engaged and mentally stimulated as they chomp and play. Choose from this funny flock of original Squawkers characters or gift a holiday edition dog toy to a beloved furry friend!

We Got the Squeaks

Dog owners: now that you know more about why dogs need squeaks, go out and get your best friend a new toy that makes your dog go bonkers for fun!

Don’t forget to always supervise your dog while they play with squeaker toys. The squeaker could cause intestinal blockage for eager beavers who destroy toys within seconds.

You can find these best dog toys, chew toys, puppy teething toys, and more on our website, Amazon, Chewy, or your local pet supplies store.