Adopted Dog Stories With Happy Endings

From Mangy Outcast to Princess of the House: A Happy Ending to a Local Adopted Dog Story.

At just three years old, Mia, a black Lab mix, had already been shuttled to two different homes. She had borne at least one litter of pups. She had also been surrendered to a Utah high-kill shelter because the then-owners thought that her hair loss, unstoppable itching, and general ill health suggested she had severe allergies, which they didn’t want to treat.

Colorado-based Summit Dog Rescue heard her story. To ensure that the “unwanted” Mia wouldn’t be put down, they interceded. SDR transported Mia to Boulder and arranged for quality veterinary care, which revealed that, instead of bad allergies, Mia had an easily treatable case of mange. Within weeks, her itching was gone, her fur had grown back, and Mia’s entire being radiated happiness.

Now named Maya in her new fur-ever Colorado home, she lives the pampered life of a well-loved family member and is given free rein of the house, including furniture.  This is one of many successful adopted dog stories.


This is only one of many similar adopted dog stories about rags-to-riches dogs who found loving families because of the hard work and dedication of an organization such as Summit Dog Rescue. Adopted dog stories such as this are everywhere.

If you’re interested in creating successful adopted dog stories like this, SDR and other rescues could use your help.

Adopt—Create your own adopted dog story with a happy ending. Apply for a dog and follow the process the organization has in place. You can work with a breed-specific rescue or even find one that saves puppies if you want a younger dog.

Foster—Many of these places need temporary homes for the dogs they’re saving. Some organizations will even give you the opportunity to foster to adopt.

Volunteer—From screening applications to clerical/administrative work to helping with transport in cases such as Maya’s, dedicated humans are more than welcome to help. You will help create successful adopted dog stories each and every day.

Donate—Organizations need tangible donations like bedding, food, bowls, and leashes. And they always can use monetary donations to help save dogs. Consider making donating to your favorite dog rescue an annual event!

If you have an adopted dog story you would like to share, please let us hear it!