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Kirk the Floof Needs a Dog Valentine | Apply to Enter!

Kirk here! How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Can you paw-leave it’s February, already?! As a result, I need a date! It’s been a while since I have had a doggy date on Valentine’s Day. I love my hoomans, don’t get me wrong. But, every year, they go out to celebrate! They leave me at home, alone, to watch Netflix and keep the house safe from squirrels. It’s so rude! I’m tired of those love birds leaving me behind. Instead of watching them spend the holiday together, this year, I’m doing something different. Particularly, I would like to have a floofy dog Valentine of my own! And because chocolate is bad for us, I’m partnering with Outward Hound to do it.

Would you be willing to help me find a fluff-tastic friend that would be mine? Maybe your pup is single? (blinks puppy dog eyes) I don’t have thumbs, so swiping right and left is a little hard… But I made this sweetheart ap-paw-lication for you to make it easier!

Sweetheart Ap-paw-lication | Apply to be Kirk’s Valentine

If you want to swipe right on this floof, fill out my Sweetheart ap-paw-lication for a chance to get a Valentine from yours truly.


Why Kirk is the Best Dog Valentine:

As you can see, I’m a great catch! If you don’t believe me yet, here’s a bunch of reasons why I think you should be my Valentine… like right now.

  1. I’m One Funny Floof. I am one funny dood and have the best jokes around. You’ll never be bored with me around, trust me, we’ll raise the woof wherever we go.
  2. I am Zoom Pro. Virtual movie night? No problem! Virtual dinner date? I’m there! My hoomans have special Zoom accounts, so we’ll be able to virtually connect with no annoying time limits on our date (wiggles eyebrows and tail).
  3. I give the best gifts. I am a paw-fessional gift giver! It’s almost my love language. If you’re my Valentine this year, I’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for you.
  4. My Love Language is Words of af-fur-mation. I’ll always tell you how amazing you look in your new bandana on Fresh Bandana Friday, or how drool-y you are on Tongue Out Tuesday. I’ll always compliment your hairchop after you went to the groomer.

Are you interested? Do you know anybody looking for a Valentine this year? PAW-lease send them my way.

Here’s my Tinder Bio if you want to share it with anyone…

“With a personality as big as my floof, you’ll wake up every morning to your daily dose of paw-tastic pranks and dad jokes. I know what it takes to sit, stay, and slay whether we’re at home or a floofy event. I’m potty-trained (most of the time). Oh, and did I mention I give the best high-fives in town?”


– Kirk’s Tinder

Apply to be my Valentine above and keep me from being a lonely floof on the 14th! Stay tuned and follow us on social, Kirk will be announcing his Valentine on Valentine’s Day!