The 10 Best Toys for Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting dog breeds are smart, driven, and have lots of energy. What are the best toys for hunting dogs that can meet the needs of their inherited traits? Read on to find out!

Growing up, my dad had a wild hunting dog called, “Sport.” Sport was a black and white Spaniel who craved attention and would knock down small children if let out of his pen. Like many hunting dogs, he was enthusiastic and needed more mental stimulation and exercise than he got.

Looking back, I realize he had little to no dog training, but I’m sure he loved running in the fields whenever my dad gave him the chance. Hunting dogs are also sometimes also known as “gun dogs,” because they’re bred to retrieve wild game on hunts. For example, my dad used Sport for the occasional quail hunt, but many people want a gun dog for duck hunting or to hunt pheasant or other waterfowl. 

Because they’re working dogs, they’re smart. Hunting dogs also need loads of exercise and plenty of interaction. If you think about the history of hunting dogs, you can probably imagine them on a farm chasing foxes or retrieving birds.

Such working dogs are high-energy. Combine their energy, their instinctual drive to work, and their intelligence, and it’s not surprising that those who don’t get enough exercise and mental stimulation can develop bad habits. 

Bad habits like chewing up your furniture and barking for long periods when you’re not home are symptoms of not enough interactive playtime and dog training. As a working hunting partner, they’ll get hunting dog training, but if you want a pet, that’s ok too. 

Many hunting dogs can make great companions in the right home. They just need interactive toys, good dog training, and plenty of playtime with you. 

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Hunting Dog Breeds Need Interactive Playtime 

Whether you live in the country with room to roam or a small city apartment, your dog needs plenty of daily exercise. If your dog is a pet and not trained to hunt, you’ll still notice lots of hunting instincts. For example, retrievers are bred to retrieve. You can help them fulfill their natural drive by playing tug and fetch with them. 

Hunting dogs benefit from interactive play with their humans as well as other friendly dogs. Trips to the dog park, long walks, and daily playtime will help keep them happy and healthy. You can trade out their toys to keep them fresh. If you rotate your toys, your pup might think there are always new toys! 

best toys for hunting dogs

Toys for Hunting Dogs 

English Springer Spaniels, Beagles, and even America’s most popular dog, the Labrador Retriever all have a long history of being hunting dogs. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of great dog toys to choose from these days. From classic Kongs and chew toys shaped like a dog bone to plush toys, you can try out different dog toys to see what your pup prefers.

The Best Toys for Aggressive Chewers 

Is your dog an aggressive chewer? Try these durable chew toys to work those strong jaws.

best toys for hunting dogs

1. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Raspberry Treat-Dispensing Chew Toy

The Orbee-Tuff chew toys stand up to heavy chewers. Bonus, you can put small treats inside and they’ll fall out as a special surprise as he explores this toy with your dog’s mouth. 

Available in multiple sizes, vegetable varieties, and colors, they make great chew toys. Artichoke-shaped dog toy anyone? 

2. Petstages Deerhorn Antler Alternative Chew Toy

Deer naturally shed their antlers, and dogs love them. Yet, real antlers can splinter and pose a choking hazard. These antlers combine the smell and texture of real antlers with pup-safe materials. Plus, they’re durable and flexible enough to be gentle on your dog’s gums. 

For the Fetching Dogs 

Does your dog love playing fetch?  If so, you may find yourself needing different types of toys for a variety of fetching options. Satiate your hunting breed’s natural instinct to chase, capture, and return prey to its human.

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3. Petstages Orka Tennis Ball

For the dog who loves chasing tennis balls, the Orka tennis ball is durable. Perfect for launchers, you can propel this ball across the yard, and your pup can chase it all around. It also floats, so if you play fetch near water, don’t worry about losing this ball in a submersion.

4. Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz

Want a more traditional tennis ball that squeaks? Look no further. We’ve got you covered. Your pup will love chasing the tennis ball and squeaking it on the retrieval. Makes a great stocking stuffer! 

5. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Zoom Flyer Disc

Throw this frisbee-type disc for your dog at night and watch it glow. The edges are gentle on your dog’s gums. Plus, it floats and is infused with mint for fresher doggie breath.

6. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Fetch Ball With Rope

This rope toy does double-duty. You can use it to play fetch and tug-of-war with your dog. It bounces and floats too. Plus, it’s made of pup-safe materials, and since it’s infused with mint, it’ll help freshen Fido’s breath. 

Does Your Hunting Dog Love Squeaky Toys? 

7. Outward Hound Invincibles

The invincibles are perfect for those hunting dogs whose goal with a new plush toy is to tear out the stuffing as if they’re in a race against the clock. You know the ones. These plush toys are double stitched for durability and have multiple squeakers instead of stuffing for more fun. 

The Invincibles line comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including snake and hedgehog. 

8. Cuddle Tugs Giraffe Plush Dog Toy

Soft corduroy meets crinkle paper stuffing (plus squeakers) for all-day fun. K9 Tuff Guard technology makes for a more durable dog toy. Your dog can chew it, enjoy the squeaker, and playing tug with you. 

Interactive Puzzle Toys 

Some of the best toys for indoor games with your hunting dogs are interactive puzzles. These toys engage your dog’s brain as they learn how to use their nose and paws to solve puzzles. Add your dog’s food to use as a slow feeder for speedy eaters.

best toys for hunting dogs

9. Puzzle Games

The Nina Ottosson games are staged at different levels. The treat maze below is a level 2 game, as is the Puppy Tornado. The dog casino game is a level three, so it’s more complex. 

10.  Hide-A Plush Puzzle Toys

What could be cuter than watching your pup take a plush squirrel out of its tree hidey-hole? Putting it back in, of course! This plush toy comes with six plush squirrels. You can stuff the tree trunk, toss it across the room and watch your hunting dog’s instincts kick in. They’re squeaky too! 

Nurture your dog’s natural instincts

Which of these types of toys do you think your hunting dog will most enjoy? 

From tug toys to chew toys combined with treat dispensers like the Orbee-Tuff toys, you can use dog toys as handy training tools too. Your hunting dog will thank you. Happy playtime!