What Are the Best Toys for Golden Retrievers?

When it comes to favorite dog breeds, it is no surprise that Golden Retrievers are at the top of so many lists. With their intelligence, playfulness, and loving hearts, they are the obvious choice for the idyllic family dog. So, when it comes to buying toys for playtime, it is important to consider those unique breed traits when picking out the best toys for Golden Retrievers.

The best dog toys for golden retrievers are toys that will meet their unique needs, like the following:

  • Wobble Bowl
  • Dog Brick interactive treat puzzle
  • Squeaker Ballz
  • Zip & Zoom Outdoor Agility Kit
  • Cuddle Tugs plush toys

Let’s dive into some of the following types of toys from chew toys, interactive toys, and puzzle toys for your classic American pup.

Best Toys for Golden Retrievers’ Impressive Intelligence

If you own a Golden Retriever, it will come as no shock to you to learn that they are one of the smartest dog breeds on the planet. World-renowned dog psychologist Stanley Coren has ranked them number four on his top ten list of the smartest dogs, capable of learning as many as 200 commands and eager to use that intelligence in order to please their human companions.

All dogs need mental stimulation. In order to stimulate their minds and prevent them from getting bored and exhibiting destructive behaviors, it is important to offer your Golden some thought-provoking toys to keep them sharp and entertained. Here are a couple of our favorites to get you started:


1. Wobble Bowl Interactive Treat Puzzle

This level one dog puzzle is a great way to introduce your dog to treat dispensing puzzles. Fill the bowl through the plug at the top with some of their favorite small treats for a snack or with up to one cup of regular dog kibble to make feeding time a little more fun. After replacing the plug, you might demonstrate a few wobbles to show your dog how the toy works.

Once they get the hang of it, your Golden will love this entertaining dog feeder. Keeping them entertained and requiring them to make logical connections between their actions (creating wobbles) and a just reward (bits of kibble or treats). Puzzles like this provide more of a longer-lasting challenge than a stuffed kong classic.

While our Slow Feeders are top-rack dishwasher safe, the wobble bowl should be hand-washed will warm water and mild soap.

2. Dog Brick

Once your dog has mastered the level one Wobble Bowl puzzle, they could be ready for a level two puzzle like the Dog Brick toy. Originally bred for hunting in Scotland, Golden Retrievers are good at using their snouts to figure out this game that can stump some other dog breeds or inexperienced pups (after all, it is level two for a reason).

This dog puzzle is more challenging because it requires a combination of steps; not only must your dog recognize that there are treats hidden under and inside the compartments, they also have to recognize which treats to go after first in order to access the next ones. Fill with treats, kibble, or even peanut butter!

Best Toys for Golden Retrievers’ Exuberant Playfulness


Goldens tend to keep their puppy playfulness for years after they have grown to their full size, which, according to a research study conducted by Stockholm University of 132 dog breeds, is typical for sporting breeds.

In comparison to the other AKC categories of dogs, sporting breeds were much more playful when full-grown, especially in comparison to toy breeds and non-sporting dogs.

In order to keep your Golden happy and healthy, they require a lot of exercise and active play. To help facilitate this type of play, here are a few of the best toys for Golden Retrievers that will encourage plenty of active playtimes.

1. Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz


The fact that Goldens love playing fetch should come as no surprise given that their surname is Retriever, and our fun twist on a classic tennis ball can help make your game of fetch even more fun!

With durable rubber designed to offer more bounce than a tennis player would want on the court, there is no mistaking that these “tennis” balls are specifically designed for another kind of sport. Combined with a tantalizing squeak, your Golden will go nuts for this interactive ball. Plus, they fit standard ball lanchers and are available in different sizes so they can accommodate your small Golden retriever puppy.

2. Zip & Zoom Outdoor Agility Kit


For a toy that combines their intelligence, obedient nature, and agility, this easy-to-set-up obstacle course is a great way to teach your Golden new tricks. The adjustable hoop can be placed low to the ground to start and then raised up higher and higher as their skill at jumping through hoops progresses. The agility poles, hoop, and tunnel will challenge your Golden to listen to and learn commands just as much as they challenge them physically.

Best Toys for Golden Retrievers’  Cuddly Nature


With their loving nature, snuggling is just as important for Golden Retrievers as any other form of quality time. A study conducted with 60 Golden Retrievers in 2017 concluded that they display contact-seeking behavior. In effect, they literally love to be petted.

In between snuggles with their favorite humans, having a soft toy to pal around with and cuddle up with for a nap is important for Goldens.

Here is our favorite double-duty tug and cuddle toy:

1. Cuddle Tugs Cow Tug Toy


Made with crinkle paper and two squeakers on the inside for stimulating, interactive play as well as soft corduroy material on the outside for softness, don’t be surprised when you notice your Golden carrying this durable toy around with them all over the house and often bringing it up to you for a playful bout of tug-of-war.

Unlike rope toys, Cuddle Tugs are made with K9 Tuff Gaurd to ensure longer-lasting fun.

2. Hide a Squirrel Plush Dog Toy

dog playing with toys

Your Golden will adore the Hide-A-Squirrel. This plush squeaky toy is a favorite toy of dogs and dog owners. It’s a combination interactive dog toy puzzle AND plush. When your doggy isn’t using his problem-solving skills to get the squirrels out of the trunk, he can snuggle with his bounty!

Best Toys for Golden Retrievers’ Dental Health

1. Cool Teething Stick Puppy Toy

Teething puppies can get relief from the Cool Teething Stick. Just simply soak in water, place in the freezer, and remove once frozen. Your pup will enjoy the soothing, icy relief and the crunchy texture that this frozen teething stick provides their achy gums around your dog’s teeth. The tassel fibers help remove soft tartar. This toy is not meant for aggressive chewers.

2. Dogwood Dog Chew

Dogwood is one of our best chew toys (and made in the USA!). It combines real wood with lead-free and phthalate-free synthetic strength, making it a chew toy favorite amongst dogs without the choking hazard real sticks pose. With a variety of scents like the smell of real wood or Mesquite BBQ, this alternative chew toy is a treat for letting your dog work out their destructive chewing or for pups dealing with teething pains. It’s like a benebone/nylabone, but stick-shaped!

The Best Toys for the Best Dogs

dog with earth ball

If you have a Golden Retriever, you know firsthand just how intelligent, compassionate, and energetic your pooch is. You no doubt love your Golden like they are a member of the family and want the very best for them because they always do their best for you.

It is important to keep them happy and entertained by exercising their mind and challenging their body with the best toys for Golden Retrievers. What new toy will you treat them to?