Certified Dog Trainer Shares Puppy Training Tips

To tackle the task of training a dog, you need the best puppy training tips available. We brought dog trainer Erika Gonzalez, owner of From Dusk Till Dog, on deck to share her advice with you. She’s a Certified Dog Trainer, Behavior Consultant, and Dog Lifestyle Expert with over 9 years of experience in the field.

Erika’s mission is centered around not only training dogs, but coaching humans, as well. She teaches dog owners how to better communicate with their dogs using humane, positive methods backed by science. First on her list of puppy training tips, Erika reviews what it means to be a certified dog trainer. Watch below to check it out!

Part 1 of Puppy Training Tips: Are Dog Trainers Certified?

“Did you know dog training is an unregulated field? This means that literally anyone can say they’re a dog trainer. My name is Erika Gonzalez. And if you’re looking for some professional dog training, behavior or lifestyle advice, I got you covered.

I knew when I wanted to get into this field that getting proper education was going to be crucial. This meant heading back to school. But let’s rewind and I’ll tell you a little bit about how I got to that point.”

How Erika Became a Certified Dog Trainer

“I went to a four-year college, (Go, Mountaineers!) and got a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Public Relations. I then landed my first big job at a Fortune 500 company where I quickly realized that working in an office was probably not for me. After a couple years there, I moved and landed another job opportunity now at a publishing company. Shortly thereafter, I knew I was about to become a dog mom.

Before getting my first dog, I bought a ton of books and started reading everything I could find about dog training and behavior. I quickly fell absolutely head over heels in love. And then, something clicked. I knew right then and there that I was gonna work with dogs and their people.

It was at that moment that I called and signed up for government and state approved dog training and behavior program and began attending. After graduating, I was officially a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant! I am now also a Fear Free Certified Trainer, a member of the Pet Professional Guild, and a mentor trainer for students who are training to be dog trainers themselves.”

Erika’s Dog-Filled Career Since School…

“My journey from dog school to now had a lot of stops.

  • Doggy daycare facilities
  • To training facilities,
  • Managing a pet store,
  • Dog walking,
  • and having my own business thrive almost a decade later.

And now, I’m here providing online content to help pet parents live a better and more enriching life with their dogs. Remember: information is only as good as its source, so stay tuned for upcoming videos using positive reinforcement and science-based techniques to further enhance your relationship with your dog.”

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