Social Distancing With Dog Toys

You and your fur-one can practice social distancing in your own backyard, the dog park, or open trails. Mix up your quality time together by adding outdoor toys as well!

Fresh air, social distance and your lovable hairy companion.


Let’s be honest, quarantining and social distancing is hard. Extroverts, I feel your pain of not being able to recharge socially. Introverts, I can understand why spending time alone helps you to recharge. This change in lifestyle has caused us to re-think and adjust to our new daily routines.

In quarantine, we often find ourselves in places where we feel most comfortable, such as our own home. Even though we find solace in our own space, our daily responsibilities may not change. Your time may be limited between responsibilities at home and getting some one-on-one time with your pets. To ease this, adding a toy to backyard play may make all the difference.


If you would like to spend time with your dog outside but need them to be preoccupied while your attention is focused elsewhere, the Puzzle Cube is a great toy to cure any doggy boredom. This 2-in-1 toy, is a not only a puzzle game but has two squeaker balls that come with it. The different sized holes and balls create an enticing challenge for your dog.

Pink Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Fetch Ball w/ rope

If you are able to briefly step away your responsibilities, playing tug outside with your pup will give you a break and additional playtime for your dog. The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Fetch Ball with Rope toy is great for this type of engagement and a quick fetch session in your backyard. It’s ideal for interactive play between you and your fur-mate.


Outward Hound Squeaker Balls come in a variety of colors.

Dog parks are the perfect place to practice social distancing. Dogs have enough room to play and humans have plenty of space between them. Some may hesitate to bring their dog’s toy to a shared and open dog park, because it may be misplaced or another dog takes it home with them. If this is something you are concerned about, I would recommend bringing along squeaker balls. You can’t go wrong with the classic squeaker ball. A simple toy can bring so much joy to your pup. Squeaker balls are portable and reliable for fetching. Outward Hound Squeaker Balls provide just that along with eye catching colors and a great bounce. If you want to be extra cautious, feel free to put your initials on the balls.


Open trails are perfect for quality time, social distancing and a change of scenery for your doggo and you. Stretch those limbs while giving yourself and your dog some added space. With your companion by your side, it really can’t get any better than that. Make it just as enjoyable by adding a Soft Fetch Flyer Frisbee to the mix. This soft frisbee is ideal for the trail terrain and any rivers or ponds it may accidentally fly into. The flyer floats and can fly up to 100 feet.

Petstages Soft Fetch Flyer Frisbee


Take playtime outdoors with your pup. Don’t forget a toy!

Finding balance and trying to stay positive while under these new social conditions isn’t ideal, but it’s important to make the effort to safely social distance yourself and your dog. Whether you’re stuck in the house or working from home, a little fresh air and natural Vitamin D can make a big impact on your mood and your day. Add to doggy outdoor playtime with a change of environment and a fun outdoor toy. You both will be glad that you did.

Disclaimer: Always listen to and follow the directions of your state and local authorities with reference to social distancing when engaging in any activities with your pet outdoors.