9 Quiet Dog Toys for the Noise-Adverse Pet Parent

When you think of quiet dog toys, you certainly don’t think of squeakers or crunchy water bottle toys. It seems like almost every plush dog toy comes with one (or more), but you can’t help that your dog LOVES it. It’s only natural.

Sometimes, however, you need to focus on something, read a book, or present in a Zoom meeting if you’re working from home. The incessant squeak squeak squeak of your best friend’s squeaker dog toy in the background is distracting.

In these moments, how can your pup enjoy playtime quietly?

lickin layers dog puzzle. quiet dog toys

Squeak Dog Toy Alternatives

The following pet toys will help keep your pooch (quietly) occupied while you do your thing.

They aren’t 100 percent sound-proof but rest assured, you won’t have to worry about that high-pitched squeal from squeaky dog toys anymore.

Chew Toys

orka tire durable chew toy for dogs

No squeakers or noisemakers, here! The Orka Tire is an ultra-durable chew toy that can be stuffed with your pup’s favorite treats and kibble for an added tasty reward that also supports positive chew behavior. Ideal for medium dogs and large dogs.

And it has about 800 5-star customer reviews. One Amazon reviewer had this to say about the tire and her two border collies:

“We have 2 medium-large sized dogs (border collie and border collie shepherd mix). One is 6 mo. and the other 1 yr. They LOVE this toy. They have not stopped playing with it since I removed the packaging (I didn’t even have to hide treats inside). It is big enough for both of them to grab it and tug back and forth. Plus, it is a great fetch toy! It is way bouncier than I expected; which is awesome. And, most importantly, it doesn’t seem to be in danger of being shredded…”

The Orka Jack by Petstages is another fan favorite that doubles as a dog chew toy and treat dispenser.

This durable dog toy is made from durable TPE rubber material that is soft enough to be gentle on the gums but tough enough to endure multiple sessions of chewing. Easy-to-fill holes on the ends of this dog chew toy can be stuffed with your pup’s favorite kibble to keep them engaged with a rewarding treat

For puppies, there’s the Bonetugz bone dog toy. It’s made of three interlocking rubber bones that feature a ridged texture that massages your puppy’s gums as they chew.

Note: Always supervise aggressive chewers.

Crinkle Toys

cuddly climbers dog toy

Crinkle sounds aren’t nearly as sharp and piercing of noise as a squeaker. If you hear doggy with a crinkle toy you won’t be as distracted.

Cuddly Climbers are 3 toys in 1 for small dogs, medium-breed dogs, and big dogs alike. The plush climber does have fluff and a squeaker in it, but it’s removable! Simply remove it from the trunk and leave it for another play session. The plush crinkly bamboo stick and removable jersey rope toy are perfect for quiet play.

It’s a durable plush toy, too. We use K9 Tuff Guard technology, with durable non-rip canvas, double-stitched seams, and nylon-infused tear points.

Soft Plush Toys

corgi with cuddle pal dog toy on a couch

Warming Cuddle Pals are great for a relaxing nap. These adorable cuddle pet toys come with a removable buckwheat-filled pouch to provide a calming and comforting sensation to your cat or dog. Just remove the pouch, microwave for 30 seconds, and seal it back into the Cuddle Pal before letting your furry friend snuggle up. Cuddle Pals are not suitable for rough play.

Interactive Quiet Dog Toys: Food Puzzles

puppy using food puzzle. quiet dog toys

Food puzzles are a great way to provide enrichment and mental stimulation for your pup while you work. They provide long-lasting quiet entertainment by working your dog’s brain and problem-solving skills.

Lickin’ Layers is a Level 2 dog puzzle game. Dogs have to navigate the three layers of food compartments by spinning each one to reveal the treats. It has over 100 treat compartments that will keep your pup busy working for a while.

The Dog Brick is our most popular game that features three different treat-hiding compartments. It requires your dog to perform a series of steps to move the right parts that will reveal the goodies.

Which new toy for quiet time will you try out?

Other Silent Toys

Tennis balls are a classic for both indoor and outdoor fun. Outward Hound has regular tennis balls in addition to the Planet Ball durable rubber tennis ball. It’s made of durable TPE rubber with holes on either side for hiding treats in.

You can also find dog toys with ultrasonic silent squeakers that emit a silent squeak at a frequency only your dog can hear. You can find these to checkout on sites like Amazon or Chewy.

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