Puppy Playtime Starter Kit for Under $25

Best Toys for Puppies Starter Kit for Under $25

Getting new puppy is an exciting time! Most new pet owners are quick to get the basics when bringing a new pet home. Leash, collar, bowls, kibble, dog treats … check! But what about new toys? What are some of the best toys for puppies?

Puppies need to eat, sleep, snuggle, and play. Teething puppies also need toys that will massage their tender gums as their baby teeth come out.

Puppies have a lot of energy and need playtime to keep them busy, help them learn and bond with their people. Here are some of the best chew toys and puppy toys to add to your puppy’s playtime, all for under $25!

Chew Toys for Puppies

cool teething stick for puppies

Cool Teething Stick – $7.99

The Cool Teething Stick by Petstages is an ideal solution for teething puppies and dogs with inflamed gums. The bright cotton-poly blend fabric and stuffed interior make freezing and reusing this toy a cinch. Simply soak in water, place in the freezer, and remove once frozen.

Your pup will enjoy the soothing, icy relief and the crunchy texture that this frozen teething stick provides their sore gums. Fun streamers and ribbon ends on this dog chew add some fun and extra texture to gnaw on. The long shape might even entice them to try their hand at tug-of-war!

With the Cooling Teething Stick you can also satisfy your pup’s urge to chomp by providing them with an enticing alternative to your furniture and personal belongings. It’s also a great companion to bring with you on a hot summer’s day when your pup needs some refreshing, icy relief.

Cutie Chewies Hedgehog Dog Toy – $4.99

hedgehog toy for puppies

The Petstages Cutie Chewies Hedgehog is the ideal teething toy for your puppy or small dog and their clean teeth! It’s made with durable and flexible Orka TPE material to satisfy your dog’s chewing urges and different textures to support good dental hygiene and reduce tartar buildup.

Let your puppy chew and nibble the teething ring on their own or grab the hedgehog and join in for some quality bonding playtime! This adorable chew toy can bounce and float so you can play all types of games with your pup no matter where you are.

Plush Toys for Puppies

invincibles mini dog toy

Invincibles Minis – $4.99

The Invincibles Mini dog toys are a perfect way to introduce interactive play to smaller breeds and puppies who aren’t aggressive chewers.

While still cuddly and cute on the outside, these plush toys have a special Dura-Tuff inner lining and double-layered outer seams to keep your doggy’s new best friends intact longer. The stuff-free design reduces messiness and multiple squeakers will keep your dog entertained even after they’ve bitten through. Stuffing-free is the way to be for playful and rambunctious pups.

Squeakin’ Eggs – $4.99

squeaking eggs dog toy

These delightful plush squeakin’ dog toys are fun on their own but can also be stuffed in our plush puzzle line of dog toys for a game of hide-and-squeak! Made from soft material that is gentle enough for puppies and adult dog’s teeth but has the durability to last multiple play sessions.

No hide-and-seek plush puzzle toy? No problem! These adorable squeaky eggs are a fun way to play fetch and other bonding games that your dog enjoys! Each plush dog toy in the 3-pack comes with our signature Invincible Squeaker that keeps squeakin’ if punctured.

Let the Fun Begin

There you have it! Some of the best toys for puppies, all for under $25.

If you want to go a tad over budget, consider an interactive puppy toy like the Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel. This hide-and-seek plush dog puzzle was designed specifically to eliminate boredom, encourage positive play, and feed your dog’s natural hunting instincts. 2-in-1 interactive play means double the fun with options to play fetch or hide and seek to keep your dog mentally stimulated. The tree trunk can even be used for tug!

Tennis balls and small classic kong toys stuffed with peanut butter are good for puppies as well. Just remember to always supervise your pet when they get a new toy. Puppies will put anything in their mouths and you want to avoid anything that could be a choking hazard.

Whether you have a rescue mutt, retriever, pit bull, or beagle, good luck raising your new puppy! You can find these puppy toys and more on our website, Amazon, or your local pet store!