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Dog Toy Trend Alert: Collectible Dog Toys


Hidden Surprise is a new line of dog toys with a surprising twist that you and your dog will love, now available online and in-store! Have unboxing sessions with your furbabies at home with our collectible Hidden Surprise dog toys. Which toy will you get? Nobody knows! What is certain is that you and your pooch will have fun figuring it out!

Destroy Them All Sweet Shop Toys | 3 Toys in 1


Destroy Them All are fun collectible toys for dogs

What’s more surprising than 3 toys in 1!?  Our Surprise Destroy Them All Sweet Shop Dog Toys are inspired by delicious foods at the fair: Cotton Candy, Carmel Apple, and Snow Cones! Your pup’s mouth is already watering, we know. But the best is yet to come!

Once your dog is surprised by the sweet treat toy they receive, they’ll find a surprise again when they learn that inside each toy are 2 additional hidden toys!

After your pup tears through the outer toy, you don’t have to throw it away! In fact, that just means it’s playtime for toy number 2, that sports a face that very well knows it’s getting torn apart.

Once you pooch tears through the second plush sad face, they’ll reach a spiky, squeaky inner ball! Your dog will go crazy for the texture and continue playing after they’ve destroyed the first two layers!

Surprise Hedgies | The Collectible Hedgie

Surprise Hedgies are great collectible toys for dogs

Surprise Hedgies are fun collectible toys for dogs

Hedgehogs – inspired by the original Outward Hound Hedgehogz, we give you Surprise Hedgies! Unbox to reveal one of these four adorable hedgehogs that have been hibernating inside and waiting for you.

The Surprise Hedgies are round, squishy and grunt! Dogs love to chomp, cuddle, and toss them. Each box has 1 of 4 adorable and trendy printed Hedgie Pals. You could find Sarah Sprinkles, Gary Galaxy,  Melanie Melon, or Connor Cactus hiding inside. Which one will you and your dog get?

Surprise Tailz Dog Toy | A Bouncy Surprise Awaits!

Surprise Tails are great collectible toys for dogs

Our Surprise Tailz collectible dog toys satisfy the bouncy side of playtime! Each brightly-colored ball contains another toy! Nestled within your dog will find a soft, plush tip of a tail just poking out to tease and entice them! Once your dog grabs onto that tail,  it’s surprise reveal toy time!  Each toy ball has 1 of the 3 brightly colored tail toys you see above hiding inside.

Uma the Unicorn, Charlie the Cheetah, or Marley the Monkey – which will you get?! Up the mental stimulation game for your dog by stuffing the tail toy back into the ball for them to get them out again. Stuff with treats for an even more enticing game!

Surprise Veggie Pals | The Most Nutritious Surprise

Veggie Pals are fun collectible toys for dogs

These squeaking veggies are an adorable reminder to eat your vegetables! The Surprise Veggie Pals come in a can! Well, a can-shaped box. And you know they’re are part of a well-balanced play routine!

Will you get Burt the Broccoli, Mooshy the Mushroom, or Casey the Carrot? All three toys make a silly squeaking sound that your dog can’t get enough of. Plus your dog and their new Veggie Pal make for adorable photos. 

Surprise Fruit Snacks | The Scented, Velcro Bag Surprise

The Hidden Surprise Fruit Snacks are fun collectible toys for dogs

It’s a scented dog toy! And that’s not the only surprise. The Surprise Fruit Snack dog toy will not only keep your dog guessing on which snack they get inside, tantalizing all their senses!

Each Snack bag contains 1 of 3 toys inside: Arnold the Apple, Wally the Watermelon, or Peppy the Pineapple.  The snack bag velcros shut and has a crinkle sound like none other! The loud crinkling excites the dog as they try to reach their new toy.

Once they get their snack out of the bag, they’ll find that each toy is scented like its flavor for a real fruit snack feel! The toys also have either a squeaker or a crinkle sound inside of them for more fun for your dog.

If you fall in love with them just like we have, get each Hidden Surprise dog toy on our website or at your local Pet Supplies Plus store and PetSmart!

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