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4 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog This Summer

Things to Do With Your Dog in the Summer

The heat is rolling in but your pup still wants to enjoy this summer and stay cool. Here are four things to do with your dog in the summer to keep your furry friend’s tail wagging.

Enjoy the Water

french bulldog life jacket


Swimming is one of the most popular things to do with your dog in the summer! This activity keeps your dog cool and helps maintain that sleek summer bod. Life jackets or other floatation devices are highly recommended to ensure your pooch’s safety.

Fur-tunately, there are different types of life jackets to suit all types of puppy paddling needs. Outward Hound has designed three different dog life jackets.

Advanced swimmers like spaniels or retrievers will find themselves enjoying the Standley Life Jacket. This jacket is made with an open design for a premium fit and allows a wide range of motion. The Dawson Life Jacket is designed for intermediate swimmers containing a sleek sporty fit with buoyant materials.

Lastly, the Granby Life Jacket is perfect for beginner swimmers like bulldogs and pugs due to its buoyant, reflective materials and sturdy rescue handles to keep your pooch protected.

Things To Do With Your Dog in The Summer
Dawson Swim Life Jacket

Water Play

There are other things to do with your dog in the summer to keep them cool even if your pooch doesn’t enjoy swimming. In shallow waters, dogs love splishin’ and splashin’. There are toys that are designed to float in the water and are easy to spot n’ seek.

The Fire Fetch Hose has double stitched seams, floats in water, and is made with bright, easy-to-see colors. We also make floating water toys including the Floatiez Starfish and Floatiez Jellyfish seen in the picture below.

floaty dog toy, water toy, dog toy, dog water toy
Floatiez Narwhal, Floaties Stingray, Floatiez Starfish, and Floatiez Jellyfish

Other fun outdoor activities with your dog

dog backpack, dog carry, dog pack


Additional things to do with your dog in the summer include going on a hike and enjoying the beautiful views! This is an activity you and your pup can enjoy. Unfortunately, hiking requires you to carry you and your doggy’s stuff for a long period of time. Luckily, products like the Day Pak have a lightweight design keeping dogs cool and large pockets to keep items safely stowed away.

Small dogs’ legs that can’t handle the long hikes can find themselves using the Pooch Pouch Front Carrier. It is designed to give your panting pup a comfortable rest and keeps them strapped in safe. It is made using a lightweight mesh that is perfect for that hot summer weather and water-resistant fabric that helps repel sweat keeping you and your dog cool. The Pooch Pouch also makes for cute canine selfies along the way!

Dog Front Carrier for hiking

Staying Hydrated

Lastly, staying hydrated is one of the most key elements to keeping your dog safe and healthy in the heat. According to The American Kennel Club, “The short list of water’s functions includes lubricating joints, helping regulate body temperature, transporting nutrients, flushing waste, and more. The long list could fill a medical textbook.”

Signs of dehydration include; panting, loss of appetite, lethargy, dry eyes, dry nose/gums, and even loss of skin elasticity. It can be very difficult to gauge if your dog is getting enough water, especially in the summer heat. Once dogs become dehydrated, it is difficult to treat them. That is why keeping your pup hydrated with fresh clean water is very important.

Cool Off Your Canine with Indoor Play

Dog toy, dog squeaky toy, chew toy, squeaky toy, dog chew toy

When the thermometer is filled and going outside seems a little far-fetched, there are other fun things to do with your dog in the summer.  Toys like the Squeaker Matz Gator can keep your dog happy without little to no effort for you! The Tail Teaser is another toy designed to keep your pup engaged indoors and outdoors without having to run far.

Dogs that love to run and jump will find themselves enjoying the ZipZoom Agility Kit Indoor. This agility obstacle course is designed to fit inside of your home to keep your pooch cool! There are many other toys and chews that will keep your dog busy on a hot summer day!

Dog toy, interactive dog toy, dog chase, dog wand
Tail Teaser For Dogs

How will you keep your dog cool this summer?