5 Interactive Dog Puzzles to Keep Fido Busy

The Best Interactive Dog Toys to Keep Your Pup Happily Busy

Now that it is officially summertime, it may be too hot some days to exercise your dog outside with the ball launcher for more than a short period of time. But, with the following five interactive dog toys, you won’t have to go outside to keep your furry friend busy.

These five treat dispensing dog games keep your pooch occupied as they follow their natural instincts to try to find the food. And let’s be honest, what dog doesn’t like to search for food?

These treat dispensers and dog puzzles are perfect for the summertime or whenever you would like your pooch to get some mental stimulation in. Perfect for inside or outside, these interactive treat toys will keep your dog’s tail wagging!

  1. Fun Feeder Slow Bowl
  2. Carrot Stuffer
  3. Orbe Tuff Mazee Treat Ball
  4. Dog Worker Puzzle by Nina Ottosson
  5. Hide A Squirrel

Dog Puzzle Toys

Three dogs sitting in front of Outward Hound Dog Puzzles
Exercise Your Dogs Brain

Does your dog have a high IQ? Do you think your dog could solve interactive puzzles for treats and goodies? Then these are the perfect treat-rewarding interactive dog toys for a pup like yours! Treat dispensing dog toys are for everyone from large dogs to small dogs … even cats!

These games keep your pup active even without you there! With multiple different styles and sizes, you can put many different rewards inside for your pooch. Some of our favorite things to put inside include biscuits, kibble, and boiled chicken breast pieces.

1. Fun Feeder Slow Bowl

Fun Feeders are great to bring with you on a road trip with a dog hiccups

As the name above says, these are feeders that are fun for your dog! We even added an extra layer of fun with the wobble version. It’s like if a kong wobbler and a slow feeder had a baby.

Besides being fun, these slow feeder bowls are made for dogs to eat slower in order to avoid digestive issues like bloat, making it healthier for your dog.

Did you know that traditional dog food doesn’t have to be the only thing you put into a Fun Feeder? Some options include filling it with different types of meats, peanut butter, dog treats, or whatever you can come up with that is safe for your pooch to eat.

One of our personal favorites here at Outward Hound is mixing unsweetened, unflavored yogurt with other doggy delectables, then putting it in the freezer like you would a kong. Once frozen, set down for your dog and watch your busy buddy be fully engaged in their new frozen treat!

2. Carrot Stuffer

dog with carrot stuffer

This Carrot Stuffer may not actually be a carrot, but it is perfect to stuff with carrots in addition to dog biscuits, kibble, and sticky substances that are safe for your dog like peanut butter. The three holes on the side, as well as the hole on the bottom, can be filled with just one snack … Or you can mix and match your dog’s favorite treats that their taste buds will thank you for later!

The durable green stem on top of the carrot also acts as a great handle to pick up and throw the carrot with for a game of fetch after treat time becomes playtime. The Petstages Carrot Stuffer doubles as a toy for chewers too. The dog chew toy is made from natural rubber for a safe and chewy dog toy your favorite canine will want to sink their teeth into (though this is not a toy for aggressive chewers).

3. Orbee Tuff Mazee treat ball

planet dog orbee tuff mazee ball

Shaped like a classic tennis ball, this interactive dog toy is great for bored pups who need a rewarding brain teaser or to encourage slower eating habits in fast eaters. The tinted and pliable Orbee-Tuff TPE shell design is combined with the plastic inner maze to entice all your doggie’s senses.

The Orbee Tuff Mazee puzzle toy combines the mental stimulation of a puzzle with the tasty reward of a treat for optimal interactive play. Simply put a treat or some dog food in the hole and let your dog sniff them out!

4. Dog Worker Dog Puzzle by Nina Ottosson

interactive dog toys by nina ottosson and outward hound
nina ottosson by outward hound interactive dog games

This one is for dog puzzle experts! The Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Worker puzzle dog toy is a challenging level 3 puzzle game that will keep your dog busy for hours as they use their instincts to hunt for hidden treats. They’ll use their snouts like they do sniffing over a snuffle mat to uncover the hidden rewards.

This advanced interactive dog puzzle game has three steps that your dog will need to learn in order to get to the tasty rewards: swivel the flippers, scoot the blocks, and spin the center wheel. (Sound like a mad scientist’s kit, doesn’t it?) Dog owners can help their pup find the hidden compartments are under the flippers and under the center wheel.

We didn’t forget about puppies! Nina Ottosson has lower level puppy toys for newbies to dog games.

5. Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel

hide a squirrel interactive dog toys

This plush dog toy has quickly become a classic interactive dog toy. Your dog will have to play hide and seek in order to get the squeaky squirrels out! All three squirrels have a squeaker they’ll go crazy for!

When you dog has finished retrieving the squirrels, you can use the trunk as a tug toy for tug of war, or toss the squirrels for a game of fetch! Place the squirrels back in the trunk to reset the game.

Our Pets Need Mental Stimulation

We made these toys for a reason: to keep dogs happy, healthy, and boredom-free! Mental enrichment is essential for a happy and healthy life.

As with any kind of toy, remember that there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy. Play it safe and always supervise your pet.

You can find these toys and more on our website, Amazon, Chewy, Pet Supplies Plus, or your local pet store!