The Best Fetch Dog Toys for Indoor AND Outdoor Play

Does your dog live for games of fetch? Is your doggo an insatiable retriever who just can’t get enough of chasing a frisbee or tennis balls? Or maybe you just want to ramp up your daily exercise routine for both of you with interactive fetch dog toys?

Whether you prefer to stand and toss with a ball launcher or you’re way into frisbee with your dog, playing together is a great way to have fun and bond. There are plenty of dog toys on the market that will have your dog (and maybe even your cat) retrieving like a pro.

But not every dog is a natural. So if you need a little primer on the basics of fetch, we’ll cover that below. If you have a massive backyard for sailing a frisbee for hours or need condo-sized games of fetch, there’s a fetch dog toy for environments of any size.

Best Dog Toys for Outdoor Games of Fetch

dog playing fetch with frisbee

Dog parks or big back yards are great places for throwing a frisbee, tennis ball, or long-distance ball launcher. Here are some of our favorites for this classic game.

Tennis Balls 

From classic bouncy tennis balls to squeaker ballz to the Grunt ‘N Punt, we’ve got the tennis ball dog toys you need for a rousing game of fetch. These are perfect additions for any pup’s dog toy chest to have an ultra ball-tastic game of fetch.

Fetch Ball with Handle 

This fetch ball with a rope attachment is an all-in-one interactive dog toy. It bounces. It floats. It has a rope to make it a tug-of-war tug toy, or you can throw it for your pup to bring back. It also has a built-in minty freshness to freshen your pup’s breath.

Orka Flyer 

This frisbee has an extra thick rim to stand up to tough chewers. The unique material is designed for games of fetch and is soft on your dog’s gums and teeth. It also floats, so if you play near water, you don’t have to worry about it sinking to the bottom.

Other flyers:

Chuckit Zipflight – This pet frisbee sails through the air for your dog to catch. Part of the Chuckit family, it has a high durability factor.

Kong Flyer – This frisbee-style throw is made of the same soft yet, tough to destroy rubber as all kongs. No dog toy is indestructible, but this is a tough one. The kong flyer comes in large and small for different size dogs. It sails through the air, floats in the water, and is a bright color, so it’s easy to find.

Crack N’ Fetch Stick 

This dog toy from Petstages by Outward Hound has a fun crackle sound that keeps dogs coming back for more. It also bounces when it hits the ground and floats if it hits the water. The bright colors make it stand out among grass and leaves.

Orbee Tough Planet Ball 

Called the “world’s best dog toy” by some, this blue and green ball bounces and dispenses dog treats. Your dog will have hours of fun fetching it for you so you can refill it. It’s a toy and a treat dispenser!

Giggling Kitty 

Another squeaker, er, giggly toy, this one has ears like a cat and makes silly giggle sounds. It’s durable and a bit bouncy for hours of fetching fun.

But what if you can’t get outside for fetch, but you still want to play with your pup? Never fear. We have indoor dog toy recommendations, too.

Best Dog Fetch Toys for Indoor Fetch

dog with a chew toy

Rainy day? Too hot or cold? No yard? Not to worry, you can play indoor fetch too. We’ve got you covered. These toys also work well for smaller dogs.

Hide a Bee 

Is there anything cuter than your pup carrying around stuffed bees and putting them back in their hive? Designed to appeal to your dog’s hunting instincts, you can train your pup to pull out the plush stuffed bees and put them back. Or, bring them to you. (Psst — we’ve also got Hide a Squirrel version if going after flying squirrels is more your dog’s cup of tea.)

Petstages Dogwood Alternative Chew 

Got a dog who loves chewing sticks, but you’d much rather have them chew on something more pet safe? Give them the Dogwood. It has a similar texture and shape to a stick but won’t splinter in your dog’s mouth or get all over your rugs.

Meow! Do Cats Play Fetch?

cat playing with cat ball

Every cat lover knows cats refuse to fit into a prescribed role. Cats and dogs do have similarities! Case in point, some will play fetch with their favorite toy. Cat breeds that tend to like games of fetch include Siamese, Abyssinian, Burmese, Manx, Maine Coon, Tabby, and Ragdoll.

If you are a cat owner and have a cat who wants to fetch, then, by all means, play with them. You can use a stuffed cat toy or catnip mouse and teach them to “hold” it in their mouths and drop it on command. Get your cat’s attention then follow along with the directions below for teaching a dog to fetch for the first time.

Of course, common cats are more interested in pouncing, and pet owners can encourage their natural tendencies with something like these toy mice during play sessions. If that’s the case, just fill them with kitty treats (or kibble) and let them have fun.

If your kitty seems stressed, then give them the purr pillow to soothe and calm. It purrs when they snuggle against it to replicate cuddling with other kitties. It’s also a great soothing tool if your cat won’t sleep at night.

How to Teach Your Dog to Play Fetch

dog playing on the beach

While some dogs are natural-born fetchers — retrievers, anyone? — not every dog understands the concept. Some of them want to keep the ball (or bone) rather than bring it to you for another toss. Others just don’t “get” the concept of play.

If you want to teach your dog how to fetch, you can do so, of course. Many dogs will pick it up with a bit of training. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), it helps to have an array of dog toys available. That way, you can see what your pup likes best. Try a frisbee or one of the many types of balls available.

Once you have a selection of dog fetch toys, you can teach your dog to hold the toy in his mouth (and then drop it at your feet).

You’ll also need:

1. Training treats

2. A clicker

3. Praise

4. Patience

Your dog needs to be able to hold the toy in his mouth to play fetch. You can start by showing him the toy. When he seems interested in it, you want to praise him. You can coo, use the clicker, say, “good boy,” or some combination.

Then, he needs to bring it to you and drop it so you can throw it again. Each of these steps requires training and is a great chance to spend time together and bond.

Dog Toys for the Non-Fetching Dogs

dog with indoor agility kit

As mentioned before, some dogs were born for games of fetch. But even the most dedicated need a break sometimes. Or, maybe your pup just isn’t a fetcher. If your pup isn’t interested, then don’t force it. There are plenty of other dog toys in the world. The important thing is you have playtime together.

For chewers: Kongs are a classic, durable rubber chew toy that stands up to tough chewers. You can even put a spoonful of peanut butter inside this chew toy and let your pup lick it out for hours of fun.

Minty Chew Toys: Freshen up your pup’s breath with these minty chew toys. With three different sizes and textures, your pup is sure to find a favorite. The bright colors mean they’re easy to spot. Plus, they help clean your dog’s teeth.

Squeaky toys: Dogs love toys that make noises. The Bottle Bros series make the snap and crackle sound of crushed paper that dogs love.

Dog puzzles: Brain games are good for dogs. If your dog has already mastered simple dog puzzles, try this advanced Challenge Slider Dog Game to give your pup a mental workout. You can put small dog treats or kibble inside some of the compartments and let them test their luck at finding them.

Ropes: Rope toys are designed for tug-of-war fun as well as fetch.

Zip and Zoom Indoor Agility Kit: Want to teach your dog to weave in between poles and run through tunnels? Set up an indoor obstacle course. Agility is an excellent sport for terriers and other working breeds who need outside stimulation.

Whatever Your Dog’s Play Style, Have Fun!

There you have it, an inspired list of interactive dog fetching toys for pups of all types. There’s a dog toy to suit all dogs. Which one will be your dog’s new favorite?

You can checkout these toys and more on our website, Chewy, Amazon, or your local pet store.

What’s your dog’s favorite thing to fetch?