6 Cat Enrichment Toys to Cure Your Kitty’s Boredom

Indoor cats can get bored just like us. If your cat is exhibiting destructive behavior, they might just be bored and need a little more mental stimulation to keep them happy. Staring at outdoor critters through the window, fantasizing about pouncing on a chirping bird that flies by, can only do so much for your feline friend. That’s where interactive cat enrichment toys come in handy.

Here are six of the best cat toys to cure your kitty’s boredom that combines playtime with satisfying brain games. Which one will be your cat’s favorite?

1. Tower of Tracks

cat playing with tower of tracks. best toys for cats

Sometimes mice cat toys or classic crinkle balls just aren’t going to cut it for your bored feline. The Tower of Tracks is great for bored kitties who are home alone during the day because they can play independently whenever the mood strikes. As a result, they won’t require anyone with opposable thumbs to move a laser pointer around. 

Cats love to swat and chase the ball toys as they spin around the track. And with three layers of tracks, this is a perfect toy for multipet households. It’s a great interactive cat game that combines playtime with socialization!

2. Butterfly Wand

cat playing on a bed

Yeowww! This Butterfly Teaser Wand is the perfect nature-inspired toy for any cat that loves to chase, pounce, and hunt. Waving the wand toy makes the butterfly dance and bounce around to mimic the motion of a real butterfly. Cat wands are a great way to interact with your kitty and entice them to play.

3. Melon Madness Food Puzzle

cat playing with puzzle

This one will quickly become your bored cat’s new favorite toy. Puzzles act on your kitty’s natural instincts to forage and are a great addition to your cat’s enrichment activities.

Your smarty cats will love the challenge of the Petstages Melon Madness Puzzle & Play by Nina Ottosson. Cats bat at the pegs and swivel the seeds of this cat puzzle toy to uncover the 12 hidden cat treat compartments. Adjust the difficulty of the puzzle to make it easier for beginners or more challenging for super-smarty cats. Holds up to 1/4 cup of cat food/kibble.

4. Hide & Seek Wobble Pond


This multi-sensory toy will satisfy your cat’s desire to scratch while engaging their hunting instincts. The corrugate sides are perfect as a scratching post, and the wobble base piques your cat’s curiosity.

The Hide & Seek Wobble Pond cat scratcher toy includes a catnip toy and jingle ball inside to entice kitties to go fishing! There are multiple ways to play with this interactive cat toy that will keep your little charmer entertained for hours.

5. Swat & Play Quiet Mat

Does your cat wake you up at night ready to play? Cats are active at night, but if you want to get your eight hours of sleep, you might want to consider a quiet nighttime toy to keep your kitty occupied. 

The Swat & Play Quiet Mat has motion-activated LED lights that blink and flash when your cat swats at the mat. This is the ultimate nighttime laser toy to keep cats entertained while you snooze uninterrupted.

6. Toss N Flip Chips

cat with cat enrichment toys

Did you know that cats love to chew too? Cats may chew on wires and other dangerous items around the house if they are bored and under-stimulated. Giving them a chewy toy may help redirect destructive behaviors.

The Toss n’ Flip Chips are infused with catnip to entice cats and have textured ridges that help remove plaque and tartar for teeth. Fun to play with and good for their dental health, it’s a win-win!

DIY Enrichment Ideas

cat lounging in a box

It’s no secret that cats love a cardboard box.

Dig out an old shoe box or Amazon delivery box. Cut some holes in the sides for your curious cat to poke his head out and pounce in and out of. To get your cat interested, use a laser cat toy to direct them inside.

You can also add a feather toy, catnip, paper towel rolls, or toilet paper rolls for them to play with. Another good idea is to put a cat bed in there for when your kitty wants a private place to rest.

To find new ways to enhance your cat’s well-being, check out these other kitten toys and interactive cat toys for more boredom-busting fun!