What Are the Best Toys for Dachshunds?

Choosing the Best Toys for Dachshunds

the best toys for dachshunds

If you own a Dachshund, then you know just how quirky this lovable breed can be. They can be surprisingly energetic, inconspicuously intelligent, and downright destructive at times. So, what are some of the best toys for dachshunds that meet their unique needs?

The best toys for dachshunds are toys that will meet their unique needs. Here’s what toys we’ll cover:

  • Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl
  • Wobble Bowl interactive treat puzzle
  • Treat Maze
  • Dog Tornado
  • Dog Casino
  • Invincibles snake toy

For Dachshunds That Are Always Hungry

One thing that this adorable breed is not known for is self-control. They rarely know when enough is enough when it comes to playing, barking, or even eating! Many dachshund owners report that their dog seems to be “always hungry” and often eat their food too quickly. This can put them at serious risk not only for weight gain and indigestion but also for gastric torsion, also known as dog bloat.

To help prevent your Dachshund from eating too quickly or to make a small snack between meals more satisfying (i.e. time-consuming), a dog puzzle toy can be the perfect solution.

1. Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl

puppy eating out of a slow feeder

With one of these uniquely designed bowls, dinner time will take 10 times longer for your Dachshund to gobble up. The inner maze of the bowl creates a physical barrier that your dog will have no choice but to navigate in order to eat.

Requiring the lowest level of puzzle element for your dog to figure out, this dog bowl is never frustrating and immediately accessible for all dogs. Given their size and feeding requirements, a medium/mini bowl is perfect for a full-sized Dachshund or even a Mini.

2. Wobble Bowl Interactive Treat Puzzle

wobble bowl and dog

This Level 1 puzzle is perfect for Dachshunds of all ages. Although with their intelligent nature they will quickly discover the secret to earning kibble from this toy, it has been engineered to prevent up to one cup of food from being gobbled up too quickly.

Use this innovative dog bowl on a daily basis at dinner time or for special treats when your Dachshund demands to be entertained.

3. Treat Maze

dog and treat maze interactive dog toy

Requiring a similar technique to that of the Wobble puzzle, the Treat Maze is a Level 2 dog puzzle. It’s the perfect upgrade for a dachshund that has long since mastered the techniques of the Wobble Bowl and is ready for a more difficult challenge.

Lacking the visibility of the Wobble Bowl and featuring a more complex inner path for the kibble or bite-sized treats to make before being released, this toy is great for a lengthy snack time for your Dachshund.

The Best Toys for Dachshunds That Are Destructive

You no doubt have stories about the plethora of shoes or important personal items that your dachshund has chewed through while left alone for too long (or right in front of you as retribution for some other imagined slight). Additionally, they are often known to swiftly destroy their own toys as well, making quick work of even the toughest rubber or leaving behind them a trail of stuffing throughout the living room.

The best way to combat this destructive nature is to approach playtime from a different angle. Rather than attempting the impossible (a.k.a. looking for a toy that your Dachshund can’t destroy), you are better off looking for a toy that sidesteps the problem in one way or another.

1. Dog Tornado

interactive dog games and toys

One creative way to sidestep the destructive nature of a Dachshund is to appeal to one of their lesser-known attributes: their intelligence. Although they have been notably ranked by respected dog psychologist Steven Coren as 92nd for intelligence on his list of 138 dog breeds, it has been suggested by those who know this breed intimately that Dachshunds are surely underrated on this scale.

One of the primary reasons for this is that Coren’s tests often focus indirectly on obedience as a means to test intelligence. As any Dachshund owner will tell you, it is often obvious that their Dachshund understands perfectly what they want them to do, but they deliberately choose defiance. It is likely their notoriously stubborn nature that weighs them down when it comes to intelligence testing.

Instead of giving them another toy to chew to bits, distracting your Dachshund with a brain teaser will keep them occupied in a new way. For a Level 2 puzzle that takes things in a new direction for your Dachshund, the Dog Tornado is a great toy for a Dachshund who is already familiar with puzzles like the dog feeders mentioned above.

2. Dog Casino

dog casino dog puzzle toy

Once your Dachshund has the hang of another Level 2 puzzle, you might consider taking things up a notch further and trying out a Level 3 puzzle like the Dog Casino. Requiring the turning of a dog-bone-shaped “lock” in order to access one of six treat drawers, this puzzle is sure to challenge and enthrall your clever Dachshund.

3. Invincibles Snakes

Yellow lab playing tug with an Outward Hound Invincibles snake

Another way to sidestep the problem is to create a toy that is expected to be damaged but retain its fun-ness anyway. Many of the toys in the Invincibles line meet this criterion, and these snakes are some of our favorites.

This stuffing-free plush toy is designed for rough and tumble tug of war because of its strong inner lining and reinforced seams. Since it has multiple squeakers throughout the long body of the snake dog toy, it will take more than one puncture wound to bite the squeak out of this toy.

The Best Toys for Dachshunds Are At Outward Hound

No matter what kind of toys, treats, or gear you are looking to outfit your beloved Dachshund with, we have everything that you need to keep your dog happy, healthy, and entertained.

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