Tips & Tricks for Working From Home With Pets

The pandemic has forced people all over the world into working from home with pets over the past three years. If there is one upside to all the change happening now, it’s having pets in our home office. 

It’s easier than ever for pet parents to spend more time with our furry family members. Even though they might seem immune to the concept of social distancing, people seem pretty happy to have them around. 

In fact, many dogs and cats have become Zoom stars, delighting their human’s co-workers during status calls and meetings.

We’re embracing the change to remote work, grabbing our pets, and preventing the spread of coronavirus. We hope you are too (if you are able). 

And, to help you make a good impression on your new furry ‘colleagues’, we are sharing some wellness activities and toys that just might keep them from busting in on your next Zoom meeting.

Get Outside and Take Your Dog for a Walk


Work-life balance is essential. Everyone needs to take a break from their workspace a few times a day in order to stay sane. Going on more walks throughout the workday can help keep pet owners and their dogs from getting cabin fever.

No duh, right? But seriously, if you’re a dog owner, take your dog for a walk. When you’re working at home, there are more opportunities for walks between meetings and during your lunch break. Your doggy will love the extra attention. 

Regular walks are important for your dog’s health, and can also reduce stress and improve your own cardiovascular fitness. Plus, if you and your dog are going stir crazy, there’s no better way to shake it off.

Give Them Their Own Work to Do

cat playing with puzzle

Your pet can be a remote worker, too! If you have to be working from home, why not put your dog or cat to work too? Treat puzzle toys are great for mental stimulation by keeping dogs and cats busy, engaged, and entertained while you’re on conference calls. 

Just put some treats in the game while your pet uses its problem-solving skills to learn how to get them out. 

Bonus: it should give you some time to figure out that pivot table you’ve been putting off. 

Treat Your Cat to a New Toy (and Get Them Off Your Keyboard)


We didn’t want to leave out our feline friends. Tracks and chaser toys are a great way to give your cat something to keep them occupied while you get your work done. 

Check out the Tower of Tracks and The Cheese Chase if you’re looking for a toy to keep your cat busy. 

We all need something to occupy our time, even if it’s just batting balls. 

Bonus – it will give you a chance to reclaim your keyboard.

Create an Indoor Obstacle Course


You can make an obstacle course with items in your home or check out some made for indoor courses. Hide treats around the house for your pup to do some nose work at playtime.

Keeping pets busy while working from home may take some creativity. With a bit of imagination, many items around the house can form part of an indoor obstacle course for your pet. You could ask your dog to duck under a coffee table, for example, or jump a stick rested between two chairs.

While indoor obstacle courses are a brilliant way to give your dog more exercise, be careful and make sure your dog has enough grip. If you want to up your game, check out an indoor agility kit.

Take Care and Stay Safe

working from home with pets

In this time of uncertainty, we’re thankful to have our furry friends by our side. We hope you find these WFH tips and tricks helpful. 

Above all, we hope you’re able to take care and stay safe out there while still having some fun. You and your pet’s mental health and well-being are essential in order to get through these times.

Give your pets a cuddle for us!