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The Surprising Versatility of the Doggy Backpack

You may have noticed that some early 2000s trends coming back into style. Dubbed “Y2K style”, many of these trends are not met with enthusiasm by those of us who lived it (low-rise jeans, anyone?).

Another notable trend that was seen nearly everywhere in popular culture back then? Celebrities using tiny dogs as accessories, most famously, Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua, Tinkerbell.

Whether or not she knew it, Hilton started the “purse dog” trend. Soon enough, small dogs being carried around in designer purses and tote bags were everywhere.

Flash forward to 2022. Today there are bags and backpacks specifically designed for dogs. They aren’t a fashion statement, rather, they are for the dog and dog owner’s safety, convenience, and comfort.

Why would anyone need a dog carrier backpack?

woman carrying dog in backpack

Luckily our pets today are not just seen as accessories. While a doggy backpack seems like a silly product, it actually has several practical uses. Plus, they don’t just make them for small dog breeds anymore. Large dogs and medium dogs can get in on the action, too!

City dwellers love them for biking & public transportation

Pet carrier backpacks are all over cities these days. The MTA in New York City, for example, only allows pets on public transportation if they are “enclosed in a container.

New Yorkers can now get their pet to the vet, park, or to their dog-friendly by a more affordable mode of transportation thanks to dog packs and travel carriers!

Hiking & exploring

dog in a front backpack

If you want to bring your dog hiking, hiking backpacks and outdoor gear for dogs are great for little guys who may get tired on long treks.

If you have an adventurous cat, use one as a cat backpack!

Senior dogs, dogs with disabilities, or dogs with mobile limitations

If you have a special needs or senior dog with limited mobility, a dog backpack is a great idea for helping you help him get around. Just because they can’t get around as easily as they used to doesn’t mean they have to miss out on fun and socialization opportunities.

What to look for in the best dog backpack

If you are considering getting one, here are some key safety features to look for in a high-quality dog backpack:

  • Adjustable straps
  • A chest strap for extra stability
  • Breathable mesh for ventilation
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Storage pockets

The PoochPouch by Outward Hound is made with water-resistant fabric that the American Kennel Club called “a breeze to clean”. It comes with roomy front and side pockets so you can bring all of the essentials with you (including your pup!).

Another great dog travel bag option is the PupPak 2-in-1 which can be worn as a backpack or front pack. It comes with padded shoulder straps, a chest strap, and a waist strap.

Dog slings

dog sling carrier

Accommodating pets weighing 15 lbs and under, you can now easily go the distance with your dog hands-free when they need assistance getting around.

The dog sling features a front zippered pocket to store all of your on-the-go essentials, and mesh provides ventilation to keep your pooch cool and comfortable throughout the journey. The strap is padded and can be adjusted to your comfort level, and side drawstrings can be tightened or loosened to accommodate pets of different sizes.

Doggy backpacks for dogs to wear

dog wearing a backpack

There are dog backpack harnesses for dogs to wear, too! If you do a lot of hiking, day trips, or long walks, get your pooch a dog saddle bag-style day pack.

Many of them come with d-ring leash attachments and extra pockets to keep dog supplies in. Your pup can carry its own poop bags, water bottle, and collapsible water bowl for the journey.