2022 Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Pet Owners

If you are or know someone who is a loving pet parent, you know how much their fur babies mean. They are part of the family, and you want to show your love for them (whether they’re your own fur babies or someone who loves their pets like family).

But what are the best gifts for pet parents? Well, we’ve got some ideas about that. Let’s take a look at some of the best gifts for pet lovers.

Best Gifts for All Pet Lovers

pet gift card concept gifts for pet owners

These are great gifts, whether we’re talking about dog lovers, cat fanatics, or other types of best friends. Here are a few items that will please any pet parent.

Custom Pet Portraits

The Etsy platform features numerous artists who can offer paintings of best furry friends of all types. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who would love to memorialize these important members of their family.

You can get a custom dog or cat portrait, or if you’ve got an exotic pet, there are artists who can paint those friends for you too. What’s more, there are numerous options available.

You can get your or your best friend’s best friend painted on a mug, a T-shirt, in oil, acrylic, or watercolor, or they can even be memorialized on a keychain, bracelet, or necklace. Additionally, you can choose from different themes, like pet royalty portraits or pets painted as Star Wars characters.

You can even get a notepad with your pet’s face at the top of each sheet! These are unique, personalized gifts for anyone who loves their furry friends.

gifts for new dog owners

Custom Pet Paint by Shadows Kit

For those who like to do the painting themselves, there’s the Custom Pet Paint by Shadows Kit from Uncommon Goods. You upload a photo of your beloved pet, and you’ll receive a kit that is similar to a paint-by-numbers (without the numbers).

Instead, it’s a guided shadow painting where you can be the artist who creates the masterpiece of your best friend. It’s a great gift idea for anyone who wants to express their fur baby love by doing it themselves.

The kit comes with two 12” X 16” canvases, 3 paint brushes, 24 acrylic paints, and the instructions for memorializing your pet yourself. It’s one of the most unique gift ideas for pet owners of any kind.

Pet Calming Beds

dog in a donut bed

Another great gift idea for various types of pets is their own bed. If you love your fur baby, you want them to be comfortable at all times, and a pet bed is a great gift for all kinds of pets.

Calming beds are designed to mimic your pet’s mother’s fur coat. That eases their anxiety as they feel safe when surrounded by the comfort that feels like mama.

What’s more, these beds are made with fibers that maintain their loft three times longer than regular dog beds or other types of beds. This helps provide your best friend with comfortable support for their joints, muscles, and neck.

They’re also available in different sizes and colors so that you can match the bed to your home’s decor. They are also washable, so it’s easy to keep them clean and fresh.

Unique Cat and Dog Collars

For those pet owners who like to go all out on festive occasions, a unique cat or dog collar may be the perfect gift idea. And who doesn’t?

You can find festive pet collars to dress your pet to impress on any occasion. Your pet will be the belle of the ball in this collar. They will truly feel like they are part of the family.

Interactive Puzzle Bowls

dog contrafreeloading

For the discerning pet lover, it’s important that their best friend stays active and mentally stimulated. An interactive puzzle bowl is a great gift to challenge to stimulate your pet’s natural instincts.

These types of bowls are treat dispensers, so your pet gets a reward like kibble or peanut butter when they figure out the puzzle. Additionally, they work to slow down the gobbler, so they’re perfect for the pet who eats too fast.

Pet Car Seats and Seat Covers

dog travel accessories the Backseat Hammock is essential to have for a a road trip with a dog

Many pet lovers never go anywhere without their best friend. For these pet parents, pet car seats and seat covers can be a great way to help them protect their best friend and their car.

These car seats attach to your car’s seat belts so that your furry friend stays secure during the ride to their next great adventure. It’s a great gift idea for the loving pet owner who is always concerned about their best friend’s safety.

Paw Print Stemless Wine Glasses

For those pet parents who like to show their love of animals in every setting, these paw print stemless wine glasses or tumblers are a great gift idea. They allow you to show off your love of animals on every occasion.

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

derpy dog with its human

Now that we’ve discussed some gift ideas for any pet, let’s take a closer look at some great gifts specifically for dogs, rescue dogs, and their human friends.

Dog DNA Tests

Everyone’s on the DNA bandwagon these days, and it’s not just for humans. Whether you’re interested in finding out which dog breeds are part of your pooch’s genetic makeup or would like to know about potential health problems your best friend might face, there’s a dog DNA test for that.

The tests are available from Walmart, where you can find affordable kits for various types of tests. Dog parents are always interested in learning more about their fur baby, and these kits are the perfect gift for those tech-savvy pet parents.

Plush, Squeaker, Chew, and Interactive Dog Toys

dog with interactive toy

Of course, the classics are always great gifts too. Dog toys made for making tails wag are always welcome. This is particularly true for pet parents of a new dog.

They can always use a new dog toy for their pooch, and they’ll appreciate your thoughtful gift when their pooch gets hours of fun out of these high-quality toys. Whether it’s a chewy, plush, or challenging interactive toy, you’ll be a hit with the whole family.

Dog Adventure Gear

dog hiking in a backpack gifts for pet owners

For the adventuresome dogs, dog moms and dads would love some new gear! There are dog life jackets, backpacks, and pooch pouches for those doggy families who love the outdoor life.

There are also portable dog bowls so loving pet parents can ensure their pooch can get a drink or a bit of kibble on the trail. You can also get something like a leak-proof water bottle and travel bowl.

Doggy Doormat

For those who like visitors to know a dog lives here, there’s this cute, dirty dog doormat with a dog paw print design. It lets visitors know dog lovers live here, and so does their pooch!

Stocking Stuffers for Dog Lovers

stocking gifts for pet owners

You always got to have a little something extra in your stocking on Christmas morning. Here are a few ideas for dog lovers.

Dog Treats

dog eating sweet potato dog treats

Just like you, your pooch needs to have some healthy treats to keep him motivated and happy. There is a variety of different dog treats available, depending on your dog’s size and breed. They are sure to encourage your best buddy to behave so they can have more.

For those who want the gift to keep on giving, you can get a subscription for monthly treats and toys. Those pet parents will think of you every month when they receive their dog’s new treats and toys.

Dog Bandanas

Another great stocking stuffer for dogs is dog bandanas. You can even get a selection of different themes so your best friend will be in style no matter the season. You can even get a personalized bandana with your dog’s name embroidered on the side.

Dog Bandanas can also help to reduce anxiety and keep your pooch warm. Just be sure to choose the right size since it differs depending on the dog breed. A bandana suitable for a dachshund wouldn’t be good for a Great Dane.

Dog Leash

Every dog owner appreciates a high-quality leash, and it’s even better when it has highly reflective threads to keep their pooch even safer. What’s more, this brand comes with a poop bag dispenser and a supply of bags!

Dog Poop Bags

What goes in must come out, as they say. Dog owners will love a supply of biodegradable poop bags for taking care of business. They make a thoughtful stocking stuffer.

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

cat sitting by a fireplace

Now we can’t forget about our feline friends this holiday season. Here are a few ideas for cat lovers who want to choose the purrfect gift for their feline friend.

Jungle Mat Cat Activity Play Mat

Your kitty will tolerate (dare I say love?) you even more when you give him or her this multi-activity cat toy. There are plush toys, balls with bells, and a base for scratching. It’s got everything to make feline friends happy.

Ilan Oxford Cat Tunnel

cat in a cat tunnel

Play to your cat’s instincts to hide in mysterious places where they can be safe from predators with this cat tunnel. It’s got crinkly material and a dangling ball to add to your feline’s delight! Cat lovers will love you for this thoughtful gift.

Cat Toys

cat food puzzle. gifts for pet owners

Outward Hound also has a variety of cat toys that are sure to keep your feline friend occupied for hours. From scratching toys to grooming pads and interactive games, your kitty will get the ultimate enjoyment from these thoughtful gifts.

Cat Keepsake Gifts

For those who would like personalized keepsakes for their feline friends, Etsy offers a large selection of memorial and inspirational keepsake gifts. There are suncatchers for the garden, personalized bracelets, and memorial stones for remembering kitties who left their marks on our hearts.

Stocking Stuffers for Cats

catnip mouse cat chew toys. best toys for bored cats

Just like with our canine friends, you can’t forget the stocking stuffers for the cats in your life. Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for your kitty.


Catnip is always a fun gift for your kitty. It’s also entertaining for his human friends. It’s a great way to spice up your kitty’s day, and as it turns out, it can also be used for humans for a very different effect. It can be brewed in tea for a sedative effect if you have trouble sleeping. While your feline friend goes crazy, you can take a nap!

Dental Chew Toy

It can be particularly difficult to keep your cat’s teeth clean. This Krazy Kale Dental Cat Chew Toy can help! It massages your cat’s gums and gently removes soft plaque for better dental health.

Interactive Swimming Fish Toys

Every kitty loves to fish, and interactive swimming fish toys will also encourage them to drink more water! Some have an automatic swimming feature and a blinking LED light to get your cat’s attention. They also automatically turn on when they’re in the water and off when they’re out. It’s a great toy for your kitty and you too.

Gift for Pet Owners: Final Thoughts

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It’s that time of year when we want to show the ones we love just how much they mean to us. We want to give them thoughtful gifts we know they will use, and that includes our four-legged family members too.

Every pet owner wants to make sure the holiday season is as enjoyable for their pets as it is for the humans they love. These pet gift ideas can help you make it a merry holiday season for your best friend. They will keep your pets happy, and that means you’ll have a better time too.

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