6 Safe Cat Chew Toys for Dental Health

It seems like there are a million dog chews and dog toys out there for dog dental health, but what about cat dental toys? Dogs aren’t the only house pets that need to chew. Cats need to chew, too!

Chewing is a vital activity for good feline dental health. If you just brought a new cat or kitten home, you’ll want to get them safe cat chew toys that are small enough to carry around, yet big enough so they aren’t a choking hazard.

Before we get into the best cat chew toys for your little chomper, let’s take a look at why the upkeep of your cat’s teeth is so important.

Cat Dental Health

cat chewing catnip

According to the Feline Health Center at Cornell University, between 50 and 90% of cats older than four years of age have some form of dental disease. That’s a lot!

Pet parents: don’t let your kitty be a statistic. The most common forms of these diseases are preventable with the right amount of care and maintenance. In order to prevent future dental problems like gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth resorption, you need to brush your cat’s teeth daily.

Here are the signs of dental disease in cats, as listed by Tufts University:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding along the gum line
  • A sudden aversion to hot or cold foods
  • Leaving a mess when they eat
  • Swallowing cat treats & food whole instead of chewing
  • Vomiting whole pieces of cat food
  • Hiding
  • Poor grooming
  • Acting less playful

The veterinarians at Cornell produced a series of helpful tutorials on how to brush your cat’s teeth with a toothbrush that is worth a look.

The Best Cat Chew Toys for Dental Health by Petstages

While chew toys can’t replace the full benefits of brushing your cat’s teeth, they can be a useful aid for teething kittens and adult cats alike. Bonus: Cat chew toys also promote healthy, non-destructive chewing by redirecting the behavior away from your hands and furniture!

1. Petstages Catnip Toy Dental Chews

catnip mouse toy

These dental chews for cats are stuffed with dried catnip to make them irresistible from the first bite. The mesh netting helps clean teeth by removing soft plaque and tartar buildup yet is gentle on gums.

2. Orkakat Catnip Wiggle Worm Kitten Teething Toy

wiggle worm cat chew toy

The Orkakat Catnip Wiggle Worm is perfect for teething energetic kittens. It’s a bright and bouncy cat chew toy designed to appeal to your cat’s natural instincts to hunt, chase, pounce, and chew.

The Wiggle Worm is made with food-safe rubber and features ridges that massage your cat’s gums while they chew and play. It’s also infused with catnip oil to keep your kitty interested.

3. Dental Banana Plush Toy

dental banana

The adorable and silly Dental Banana is another catnip chew toy your kitty will love gnawing at (it makes a great cuddle pal, too!). This dental chew toy also features mesh netting that will massage your cat’s gums and help scrape off soft tartar as they nibble and chew.

4. Toss N’ Flip Chips

toss n flip chip cat chew toys

These chip-shaped cat toys are purrfect for your feline chewer. The ridges and textures of the pliable rubber help floss teeth while your cat plays and chews. Toss N’ Flip Chips are designed so your curious kitty can toss, flip, bat, and chase playfully all day long.

5. Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel

catnip pretzel chew toy

The Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel encourages healthy chewing for dental health during playtime. The mesh material that surrounds the toy gently brushes soft plaque and tartar. Small enough to carry yet large enough to not get swallowed, this cat chew toy is loved by cat parents.

6. Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

petstages fresh breath mint stick

For a cat chew toy that will improve your cat’s dental health AND stinky breath, the Fresh Breath Mint Stick is just what you need. It’s filled with naturally dried mint that freshens breath as your kitty chews and bites. And since mint and catnip are part of the same plant family, it’s going to keep your cat interested and engaged. Crinkle ends add an extra element of interest.

Chews Wisely

While these cat chew toys are a handy helper when it comes to feline dental health, remember that they are not a substitute for brushing. Teeth cleaning is an important part of your pet’s overall health, so don’t skimp on it!

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