The Best Toys for Great Danes

Great Danes are big, lovable dogs with lots of energy. These gentle giants enjoy playtime and are known for being affectionate and good with children and other dogs.

While it’s important to play with toys with any type of dog breed, big dogs like the Great Dane have specific needs when it comes to toys because of their size. 

Here are some of the best toys for Great Danes that you can invest in. With these types of toys, you’ll be certain to keep your dog entertained all day long.

How Much Exercise and Playtime Do Great Danes Need?

best toys for great danes

Great Danes are known for having an average energy level, which means that like any dog, they need to be walked and played with until they are pooped. The amount of walking and playtime he needs every day will vary depending on his specific energy levels.

When you go to the pet shop, you can take your Great Dane with you to see what toys he’s interested in. Make sure that no matter what, the best dog toy is appropriate for his size, is heavy-duty, and is high quality. It’s going to be a waste of time and money if you try to give a large breed a toy that’s made for smaller breeds.

It’s incredibly important to give your Great Dane playtime with his favorite toys if he has separation anxiety. You can leave his toys with him when you’re gone so he can distract himself. An interactive dog toy, like a puzzle toy or chew toy, will be best so that he can entertain himself while you’re gone. Then, when you get home, you can play fetch with a dog ball, tug-of-war, and all the other games that require you to be involved.

Teething Toys for Great Dane Puppies

If you’re looking for a new toy for a teething Great Dane puppy, then try Outward Hound’s Dogwood Wood Alternative puppy 2-pack. Great Danes are known for having more issues with their teeth than other dog breeds, so it’s important that you emphasize dental health early on by brushing their teeth and giving them appropriate chews. A good chewy toy will keep your puppy occupied for long periods of time, plus it encourages positive chew behavior and can be used in indoor or outdoor settings. 

If your Great Dane likes to swim, the Dogwood can even float in the water. If you’ve noticed your puppy going for tree branches outside — which can splinter and break and cause health issues — give him this safe alternative instead.

Chew Toys

An extra-large Nylabone or Deerhorn are great dog chew toys for a Great Dane. You can use it as an alternative to elk antlers, and it’ll last for months even if your dog is an aggressive chewer. These types of chew toys have raised ridges to help clean your dog’s teeth, and they come in different flavors that your dog will be sure to enjoy.

Plush Dog Toys for Great Danes

dog playing with snake toy

Does your Great Dane like a classic dog toy such as a plush squeaky toy? Then get him Outward Hound’s Invincibles Snake Dog Toy in XXL. The squeaker will drive him nuts and keep him occupied. Since this toy is made with less stuffing, if he punctures it, you won’t have a huge mess to clean up. Even if he punctures the squeaker, it’ll keep on working, meaning playtime will last longer. This plush toy can also be a tug toy as it is big enough so that you can play tug-of-war or a game of fetch with your Great Dane as well.

Puzzle Toy

Great Danes not only need physical stimulation; they need mental stimulation, too. You can get him a puzzle toy and hide his favorite treats in there so he has to work a little harder to get them. If your Great Dane is overweight or eats his dog food too fast, then you can place it in a puzzle toy to slow him down and ensure he doesn’t overeat.

Rope Toy

Engage in a rousing game of tug-of-war with a rope toy. Find one for large dogs that is machine-washable, since Great Danes tend to drool a lot due to their facial composition.

Tennis Ball

dog and human with ball

A large tennis ball is a good fetch toy for your Great Dane. You can find a classic dog toy tennis ball, or go with one that squeaks or lights up to give your Great Dane extra stimulation. Nerf and Chuckit! make tennis ball dog toys, and the latter even offers a tennis ball with a launcher to make playtime easier and more fun for you.

Treat Stuffer Dog Balls

The Kong Classic in an extra-large size, which is made of natural rubber, is a great chew toy and one of the most nearly-indestructible toys available. If your Great Dane is a big chewer, he’ll love the Orbee Tuff Double-Tuff Diamond Plate ball. When you throw it, it erratically bounces around, so your dog will have to work a little harder to catch it. And if you put treats or peanut butter inside the opening – which a lot of dog owners do – then he’ll enjoy licking the delicious treat as a reward for catching the toy. You can find these toys on Amazon or in a pet shop.

Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

dog treat ball

A treat dispensing dog toy like the Snoop will encourage your Great Dane to play more, especially if he is low-energy. You can also use a treat-dispensing toy to train your dog with positive reinforcement. Since Great Danes are large dogs, it’s critical that you properly train them. For example, you really don’t want your giant dog to sit on your guests or your small children or go to the bathroom in your house.

Ensuring Your Great Dane Has a Long, Happy Life

Since Great Danes are larger, their lifespan is only six to eight years, which is shorter than the lifespan of other dog breeds. To keep your large doggie as healthy as possible during this time, make sure he gets enough exercise every day as well as mental stimulation with his favorite toys. Then, he will be sure to live a long, healthy, and happy life.