The Best Kicker Toy for Cats & Bunny Kicks

If you have a cat, you’ve likely seen this common kitty behavior: the cat bunny kick. Your cat grabs onto something with its front paws (like a cat toy), then kicks at it with its hind legs. If your cat uses one of your limbs to do this, then it’s time to redirect them to a catnip kicker toy for cats.

Let’s dive into what’s behind this cat behavior and why it’s important for cat lovers to discourage them from using you as their kicking toy.

cat with toy

Why Does My Cat Bunny Kick?

While it looks very playful, it’s actually derived from the hunting instincts of their wild cat relatives. Primarily, it is a defensive move in battle or aggressive play.

When a big cat is hunting or in a tussle with another cat and gets pinned on its back, the very vulnerable area of the belly is exposed. Their only defense is to aggressively and forcefully use their hind legs to ‘kick’ the opponent off in self-defense.

When you see your domesticated cat roll onto its belly at home with its back legs up, this is not always an invitation to pet it. Once you touch that sensitive stomach area of your cat’s belly, your arm will be covered in scratches and wounds from their sets of claws.

Cat parents should take note of your adult cat’s body language before engaging in play or belly rubs.

The Best Kicker Toy for Cats

Mouse cat toys, laser toys, teaser wands, and silvervine cat toys are classics to have in a pet parent’s kitty’s toy box. In order to satisfy your cat’s natural instincts and provide the enrichment they need each day, add a kicker cat toy.

Kicker catnip cat toys are made specifically for cats’ natural urge to bunny kick with their rear legs at playtime.

Check out some of the best cat toys and catnip toys for interactive play below.

Kitty Kix 2-in-1 cat toy

kitty kicker kix toy

With thousands of positive customer ratings on Amazon, this kick stick might become your cat’s favorite toy.

The Kitty Kix Kicker cat toy ball track by Petstages is two toys in 1! This combination kick toy and ball track contains catnip to keep kitty engaged and entertained. The perfect size for your cat to hug, kick, and wrestle with.

The ball of this interactive cat toy rolls back and forth, encouraging batting exercise and positive play.

Crunchy Pickle Kicker

Your kitty will enjoy the intriguing crinkle sound and high-quality catnip stuffing that promote your kitty’s wellness and mental stimulation that add extra interactive elements of fun.

This dental chew toy features mesh fabric that helps remove soft tartar and plaque while being gentle on the gums. The elongated shape of this plush cat toy makes it perfect for bunny kicks and batting—two favorite ways for cats to play.

Swat N’ Treat Fairy Kicker

This toy is both a kicker toy and a refillable treat dispenser, satisfying your cat’s urge to “bunny-kick” push, play, and hone their hunting skills.

The center holds treats and has a clear window that allows cats to see the treats. Treats fall out the head and tail as cats swat, bat, and toss around the fairy. The head and tail are filled with 100% catnip.

Catnip Crunch Fish

This fish cat toy is filled with crinkle and catnip that appeals to the hunter is every housecat. It’s one size and a perfect shape for your cat to pounce on, bunny kick, wrestle, and cuddle!

Positive Play Is the Way

black cat staring

Your cat loves you. To redirect them from using you as their personal scratcher, redirect them to an actual cat toy.

Show them you love them back with some snuggles and positive playtime with a new great toy!