The 3 Best Cat Puzzle Toys & Interactive Cat Games

Cats have long been loving companions for their humans as early as 4,000 years ago. As many cat lovers know, kitties are generally pretty easy to care for. They don’t require as much exercise as their dog counterparts and make wonderful indoor companions. But it’s important that all of our pets get the necessary mental stimulation and interaction they need to be happy. This is where cat puzzle toys and interactive cat games come into play.

Indoor cats can often become bored and under-stimulated at home. Laser toys can only do so much. Destructive, unwanted behavior (like messes outside of the litter box or shredded furniture) and obesity are telltale signs that your cat needs more activity in their daily life.

Cats greatly benefit from mentally stimulating products that enhance their natural instincts to hunt, paw, pounce, and scratch, but a basic laser pointer isn’t going to do the job.

It’s even more mentally stimulating for your cat to eat dinner from an interactive puzzle toy than a simple bowl. Each cat puzzle toy doubles as a cat feeder and can be used to feed meals for speedy eaters. By satisfying their natural instincts, you’ll find your cat feels more playful and content throughout the day. With room in each puzzle’s compartments for up to 1/4 cup of space for cat food, you can use them in place of a bowl at kibble time.

Introducing … Cat Puzzle Toys!

interactive cat games and cat puzzle toys

Nina Ottosson and Petstages have pawtnered up to bring you cat games that will not only challenge your cat’s mind but will also engage their natural hunting instincts. With adjustable difficulty levels to keep your cat active, they’ve even been recognized as the Best Interactive Cat Toy by Pet Business. 

All cats need enrichment activities. Cat puzzles can provide just that! Let’s get to know some of the best cat puzzles and interactive cat toys and available and see which is right for your feline companion.

Level 2: Melon Madness Puzzle & Play from Nina Ottosson by Petstages

This puzzle is a food dispenser with a twist and a perfect playtime tool for the curious kitty in your life. Stimulate your cat’s natural foraging instincts to “hunt” for their reward by batting the pegs and swatting at the seeds to reveal hidden cat treats. 

Challenge your kitty’s problem-solving skills! With 12 compartments, the Melon Madness Puzzle & Play interactive cat game is easy to adjust to your cat’s experience level to provide the appropriate amount of challenge.


Level 2: The Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Food Puzzle 

interactive cat games

Meow! The Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play interactive cat game and food puzzle will help your kitten level up while satisfying their natural urge to play. Adjust to your cat’s skill level by placing catnip inside the ladybug compartments. To recover, your cat must slide them over the hole so they drop down. 

For easier puzzle time, cover the treats with the leaves for your kitty to discover! With 14 hidden treat compartments, your cat will be enthralled with this interactive cat toy. It can be used as a slow feeder as well! No wonder it was named Best Interactive Cat Toy by Pet Business.

Level 3: The Rainy Day Puzzle & Play Puzzle Feeder

interactive cat games by nina ottosson pet stages

The Rainy Day Puzzle & Play game is the most challenging cat puzzle of the three. Do you have an expert-level smarty cat who’s in need of a challenge? This puzzle requires cats move the peg away from the large wheel in the middle, spinning it to uncover hidden catnip-filled treat cups. Then, your cat can find more hidden treats when they push aside the raindrops. This game also has 14 treat compartments.

Play It Safe

In addition to keeping them happy and healthy, keeping your petsafe should be your No. 1 priority. Whether it’s a chaser feather toy, crinkle chew toy, or cat/dog puzzle, no toy is indestructible. Always supervise your feline friend when introducing them to a new toy. 

Which Interactive Cat Games & Treat Puzzles Are Right for Your Cat?

Adjust each puzzle game to provide various levels of difficulty and fun for your cat; there’s no going wrong! 

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