10 of the Best Cat Toys for Exercise

Your cat needs to exercise every day. Not only can exercise make her feel better but also, it can prolong her life and eradicate behavioral issues.

Whether you have a new cat or you want to give your older cat some exercise, here’s some information on the best cat toys for exercise.

cat with scratcher

Toys With Catnip 

Catnip toys will drive your cat wild and keep her engaged all day long. Cat owners can look for a variety of catnip toys in pet stores or online.

One great option is Petstages Catnip Chase Track Cat Toy, which comes with a refillable catnip compartment and a free bonus fill of catnip. Your cat will love tapping into her natural hunting instincts while she’s trying to pounce on, stalk, and paw at the bright and spinning ball.

Crinkle Toys

Crinkle toys, like the metallic mylar crinkle balls, are some of the best toys for cats. They encourage positive cat play and allow your kitten, adult cat, or older cat to chase and pounce and use her hunting instincts. Just make sure that you watch your cat when she plays with crinkle toys during playtime because if she chews the mylar pieces, she could become sick.

Best Cat Toys for Exercise: A Laser Pointer

Whether you have outdoor or indoor cats, all cats love a good game of chasing the laser pointer. This interactive cat toy promotes healthy cardio exercise and gets your cat super excited.

When you’re playing with the laser cat toy, don’t point it in your cat’s eyes because it can harm them. You can be extra cautious by purchasing a laser pointer that comes with a low-wattage light and, at most, a power output of 5 milliwatts.

A Cat Scratcher

cat scratching post

A scratcher, also known as a cat scratching post or scratch pad, will provide your cat with a healthy outlet for sharpening her claws, relieving her stress, and claiming her territory as well.

There are so many types of scratchers available in a variety of materials like carpeting, corrugated cardboard, and woven sisal. They are sold through pet stores and online vendors like Chewy and Amazon. It may take a few tries to figure out which one works best for your cat. Depending on her age and strength, you may need to get her something shorter so she doesn’t have to jump to access it.

A Feather Toy

Another toy that will tap into your cat’s hunting instincts is a feather toy. This type of wand toy is one of the best cat toys for exercise that lets you wave around a feather that your cat loves to chase. Some feather toys have crinkle material in them, so your cat will be even more enticed to catch them.

A great option for a feather teaser cat toy is the Rainbow Cloud Teaser Wand Cat Toy. This chasing, paw swatting luring toy will give your cat exercise and entertainment for hours and hours. It comes with a crinkle and 4-foot lure that crinkles when danced around and swatted by kitty, too.

Ball Cat Toy 

cat playing with cat ball

Cat play isn’t complete without a ball cat toy. If you don’t have time to play with your cat with regular foam and colored balls, then get her an interactive ball toy that will move randomly on its own or includes a LED light to excite her (note: for a battery-powered toy, you may need to purchase AAA or AA batteries). She will have hours of solo play fun trying to chase this electronic cat toy.

Cat Tree

Cats enjoy climbing, so you can get your pet a cat tree to climb as much as she wants. She’ll love sitting high in her tree and pouncing on toys below as she gets out her energy.

Cat Tunnel

cat in a cat tunnel

A cat tunnel encourages your cat to hide, run, pounce, and play. You can purchase a single one-way tunnel or buy multiple tunnels and link them up for even more fun.

For a DIY solution, take a cardboard box and cut holes into it so that your cat can play hide and seek. Put a mouse toy or motion cat toy in the tunnel to guarantee she’ll enjoy it even more.  

A Cat Dancer

A classic and great toy, the Cat Dancer is a toy made out of a piece of wire with a bunch of paper cylinders attached to it. Your feline friend will go wild for this affordable toy, which could see some wear and tear if she isn’t gentle. 

You could also get your cat a similar cat toy for indoor cats called a charmer. Many times, these wands with fabric attached come in rainbow colors to encourage your cat to play.

A Wiggle Toy 

wiggle worm cat chew toy

Another way to unleash your cat’s hunting instincts is with a wiggle toy. You can get a wiggle worm, for instance, that will squirm and shake when your kitty pulls its tail. This type of pet toy will capture your cat’s attention and provide her with lots of exercise. 

How Much Exercise Do Cats Need?

cat with puzzle toy

Your cat should engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day. This could include playtime with you, with other cats, or by herself. However, her exercise needs are going to change depending on her age and the health conditions she may be experiencing. Don’t force your cat to exercise if she doesn’t want to.

Keep in mind that cats need mental stimulation, too, so you can get your cat a puzzle game she has to solve in order to access her cat food or catnip. These games get her using her brain and can keep her occupied all day long. Plus, they are useful if your cat is overeating or she needs to slow down when she eats because she tends to get sick.

Investing in high-quality cat food, cat treats, and catnip is also important for your cat’s health. If she only eats foods made of cheap ingredients, it could hurt her digestive system. 

If you notice that your cat suddenly doesn’t want to exercise and is acting more lethargic than usual, be in touch with your veterinarian right away. She could be suffering from health issues. 

Toys for Mental Exercise

Playing With Your Cat

Your cat needs exercise, and with the right toys, she’ll love playtime. By encouraging positive play and exercise, your cat is going to have a healthier and more fulfilling life.