8 Best Toys for Bored Cats That Curb Unwanted Behavior

You’re beginning to suspect that your cat is bored. Perhaps she’s a little more lethargic than usual or isn’t showing her usual interest in her favorite activities. Now, you’re wondering about the best toys for bored cats so that you can provide some mental stimulation and ensure your kitty is as active and happy as possible.

Learn more about what cat owners can do to help bored cats and the best cat toys for enrichment you can purchase for your feline friend.

Signs of Boredom in Cats

why do cats knock things over? cat with overturned plant

Cat lovers know that they have a bored cat on their hands if she exhibits a few different signs. For instance, she may excessively groom by licking herself, pulling out her fur, or biting at and chewing on her skin.

She may also not want to engage in play anymore and would rather hide, eat, or sleep all day long. Though she’s normally supposed to sleep 15 hours a day, you might have noticed that lately, she’s been napping even more than that.

She could also be picking fights with other cats in your house or your dog in order to release some of her energy, or eat too much cat food, which could lead to health problems. Destructive behaviors, like going to the bathroom outside of the cat litter box or destroying the carpet, are also signs of boredom.

If your cat is uninterested in normal things like food and toys, a lack of mental stimulation could be to blame. However, this could also signal that there is something physically wrong with your cat, so make sure you’re in touch with your veterinarian if you notice any of this behavior going on.

Once you’ve gotten clearance from the veterinarian and determined that your cat is simply bored, you can find cat toys that will provide her with the entertainment she needs throughout the day. Here are some of the best toys for bored cats.

Cat Scratcher

kitten on cat scratcher

Cats love to scratch, so you can get your cat a scratching post or a scratch pad to give your kitty something to do. When looking for a scratching post, make sure it’s tall enough so that your cat can extend her body when scratching.

It also needs to be sturdy; if it’s not, it could be unsafe and your cat won’t use it. No cat wants a wobbly scratching post.

Aside from a post, you could also get another type of cat scratcher: a scratch pad. A post or a pad will allow your cat to mark her territory, remove the dead skin from her claws, and strengthen her claws and feet.

Some cat scratchers do double duty, acting as loungers as well, while others have balls inside of them that your cat can bat at for hours on end. You can find some with catnip in them, too. As you know, your kitty loves catnip cat toys, so look out for them on Amazon and similar sites.

Laser Cat Toy

Have you ever noticed that cats love pouncing at lasers on the floor? To keep your cat stimulated, invest in a laser pointer for playtime. Your cat will enjoy it because the laser moves like prey, and she can stalk, chase, and ambush her “prey” with this toy. She will be able to tap into her hunting instincts and release her energy at the same time.

Cat Tree

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Want to get your cat’s attention? Then purchase a cat tree for her. A cat tree will provide your cat with exercise since she can climb it. Plus, cats love going up to high places and balancing their bodies, so a tree is sure to offer up hours of fun. Some cat trees come with cat scratchers installed in them, too.

Puzzle Toys/Interactive Cat Toys

cat puzzle toy for bored cats

Kittens, adult cats, and senior cats won’t be able to resist a good puzzle toy, which will stimulate your cat’s mind. You can also use it as a cat feeder.

This type of enrichment toy will entice and challenge your cat with its hidden cat treat compartments. The Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Cat Game from Outward Hound will tap into your cat’s natural foraging instincts and has no removable parts, making it safe for your kitty. The 16 hidden treat compartments will be sure to keep your cat occupied all day long. Just make sure you fill them with high-quality cat treats or kibble for your feline friend.

Cat Tunnel

Like cat trees and laser pointers, cat tunnels allow your cats to pretend like they’re in the wild. They can play, pounce, run, and hide in them to simulate what it’s like being an outdoor cat. There are single one-way tunnels available or multi-section tunnels that you can link up to offer your cat more space to run around.

Wand Cat Toy for Indoor Cats

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Tease your cat with a cat dancer feather toy, which will also tap into her hunting instincts because it looks like a bird. And as we all know, cats love chasing critters. A feather teaser is just the ticket to get those natural instincts going.

You can use this interactive cat toy to play with your cat while you’re watching TV and build your bond with one another. A little teaser feather wand toy could provide your cat with fun for hours on end.

Ball Toys

cat playing with tower of tracks new kitten checklist

Balls toys and catnip toys, like the Catnip Chase Track Cat Toy from Petstages, will allow your cat to paw at the spinning ball along the circular track and encourage positive play behavior and mental stimulation. Plus, the catnip will drive her crazy, and she can use her natural hunting instincts to stalk, pounce, and paw at the ball.

Another option for a ball toy is a crinkle ball, which will pique your cat’s curiosity and reduce her anxiety. You can throw these Mylar balls to her and ensure she gets the exercise she needs on a daily basis.

Plush Toys

best toys for bored cats

Some of the best dog toys include soft plush toys. The truth is that your feline friend will also love a good plush toy to cuddle with, especially if you fill it with catnip. You could get your cat a mouse or bird plush toy to drive her crazy.

Helping Bored Cats

With all these favorite toys, your cat shouldn’t be bored anymore. You’ll know your cat is up for playing if she seems energized and is pawing at you to play. All you have to do is make sure you get her the best cat toys and spend some quality playtime with her every day to show her she’s loved.