14 Pawrents That Live The Van Life With A Dog (Or Cat)

Pawticipating in Van Life with a Dog or Cat

Digital nomadism is experiencing a huge spike in many people choosing to work remotely as they travel around the globe. Sometimes, their furry friends get to come along and see the world! Discover the amazing humans that are taking their pets along on the road. A huge adventure is in front of them as they experience van life on the road with their animal companions. You can’t get much more exciting than living the van life with a dog or two!

14 Van Adventurers & Their Humans

  1. “Life is better with dogs. So, why leave them behind when you’re hitting the road?” – @mobileroamers
van life with a dog
pc: @mobileroamers

2. “Giving a dog the life they deserve is an incredibly enriching experience. Van life with a dog or two, or three is always more fulfilling than being solo.”@gnomad_home – Read more here.

van life with a dog
pc: @gnomad_home
3. “With van life, Kitty wakes up to a brand new day, and the possibilities are endless.” – @undecided_van_name
van life with a dog
pc: undecided_van_name

4. “Cash is our one-year-old Red Heeler/Mountain Feist mix and the van is the only home he’s ever known.”@zeroyearplan

van life with a dog
pc: zeroyearplan

5. “I’m not sure I would be able to live in a van without my dog Peaches. We are best friends and I love having her with me on this adventure through life together.” – @tinyhousetinyfootprint

van life with a dog
pc: @tinyhousetinyfootprint

6. “I’ve already learned how to snowboard, kiteboard, snow kite, and more! I am having an absolute blast, constantly eager and asking dad to take me more places and teach me even more new, epic things!” – @kickerdogmuse

van life with a dog
pc: @kickerdogmuse

7. “Dogs just love vanlife – it really is a dog’s dream. They get to experience all kinds of new places, sights, and smells, and meet all kinds of new people and dogs. They get to run and frolic through some of the most beautiful natural areas this world has to offer. And they get to spend every day with you, their best friend.” – @vanofmydreams

van life with a dog
pc: @vanofmydreams


8. “How horrible is it to stare at your dog and think of them as a barrier to your dreams? We love Holly and she’s a part of our dreams! Now, she’s logged more than 14,000 travel miles.”  – @nomadswithavan

van life with a dog
pc: @nomadswithavan

9. “You know, a dog can snap you out of any kind of bad mood that you’re in faster than you can think of.” – @pawsinparadise

van life with a dog
pc: @pawsinparadise

10. “You see, the itty bitty space and constant motion magnify differences in character. We often say, if you want to test a relationship, get in a van and learn who you are together. Beneath it all is friendship, abundant love, and dogs.” – @wheresmyofficenow

van life with a dog
pc: @wheresmyofficenow
11. “I highly doubt van life would have been my cat’s choice had we given her one, but I feel in my heart we have in a way made her life fuller. The dog agrees.” -@ad_van_tures_
van life with a dog
pc: @ad_van_tures_

12. “Odie is the most precious thing I have with me, this journey would have never happened without him. Van life with a dog is the best choice I’ve made.” – @pamthevan91b

van life with a dog
pc: @pamthevan91b
13. “We trudge home after the longest days and we fling open the door and there in the hallways and the foyers and the backyards across the globe are these creatures who believe we are the best thing that’s ever happened to them. Who believe that there is no one, anywhere in the world who is greater than us. It’s a sacred thing to love, and to be loved, by a dog.”– @briannamadia
van life with a dog
pc: @briannamadia
14. “A year ago, I was still a house cat. Then some huge life changes happened to my family and suddenly I was a van cat. Then a CANOEING CAT!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see all the places I saw living in this van.” -@elliethevancat
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van life with a dog
pc: @elliethevancat

Van Life with a Dog or Cat

Van Life can come with its own set of challenges and limitations. The biggest challenges that these humans mentioned were the lack of space and hours spent in the car rides. Fortunately, this 2-in-1 Water Bottle helps to minimize the amount of gear travelers need to take! Simply detach the dog bowl from the water bottle, fill with water & both of you can have a drink anywhere. While our furry friends like to sleep, they need to be mentally stimulated too! Our Nina Ottosson Dog Worker is the best fit! This puzzle challenges your dog in new ways while presenting them with tasty treats with each discovery! Additionally, this dog game has built in pieces that don’t come out when your dog plays with it. As a result, pieces of the puzzle won’t be rolling all over the van.

We’re living vicariously through these pawrents and their companions, and it’s obvious why. We’ll put van life on our bucket list to do someday, but for now, at least we can enjoy their adventures with their furry friends!