5 Best Dog Travel Accessories for a Safe Journey

To help prevent your travels from getting “ruff,” we’ve gathered a list of fail-proof tips and best dog travel accessories to help you and your pup have a safe holiday. A little pre-planning and preparation can help keep your pet safe this travel season, especially when taking road trips with your dog.

If you are traveling by car, these are the top five dog travel accessories you will need to keep them safe during the ride:

  1. Car hammock seat cover
  2. Dog seat belt or booster seat
  3. Travel bowl for food and portable water bowl
  4. Travel crate or dog carrier
  5. Pet first aid kit

In addition to those five core items, you’ll of course need things like a bpa-free dog water bottle, toys, chewy snacks, poop bags, medications, and more. Make a packing list to ensure you don’t forget anything!

Dog Travel Accessories for Air & Car Travel

If you’re hitting the road with your pup, you’ll need the right car accessories and pet gear. Check and double-check your packing list to make sure you’ve got all the dog travel accessories needed for a safe journey.

1. Car hammock

dog travel accessories the Backseat Hammock is essential to have for a a road trip with a dog

To keep your dog safe and you back seat fur-free, there’s the PupShield Protective Hammock. This doggy seat protector keeps your dog safely in the back seat during drives while protecting your car’s interior from hair and muddy paws!

Car hammocks help protect your pup from falling on the floor of the back seat and create a barrier to keep them from climbing into the front seat. The barrier keeps both dog and driver safe by reducing distractions while driving. The PupShield Protective Hammock features adjustable straps to fit most cars, vans, and SUVs.

2. Booster seat

dog in a car seat for dog road trip planner what to keep in your car for your dog

For smaller dogs, you may consider a booster seat to protect your dog while you travel. We made the PupBoost Car Seat to keep your pup safe in the back yet elevated enough to look out the window.

This booster seat for dogs features an interior safety strap that clips to a dog harness to stay secure during car rides. The padded back and bottom provide comfort and support. When not in use, the seat folds up to save space. Note: it is not suited for large dogs.

3. Dog bowls

portable dog bowl

In addition to a do water bottle, pet owners should always have a bowl within their pet supplies for their pooch to drink water out of. We’ve made it easy to have one on hand with the Port-A-Bowl. It’s so portable and foldable that it fits in your pocket!

The collapsible Port-A-Bowl was designed for easy hydration and snacks on the go. This brightly colored dog bowl fits 48 oz and folds flat to easily tuck into a backpack, pocket, or tote, providing an accessible and convenient option while traveling or exploring the outdoors!

Don’t forget to consider your dog’s eating habits. If your dog inhales their food, it can’t hurt to pack a slow feeder or compact treat dispenser. Dogs who eat too fast are at risk for serious health conditions like bloat.

4. Kennel or dog carrier

black pet carrier. pet travel accessories

A dog travel bag like our Pet Tour Carrier is and easy and conveninet way for dog owners to take their small dogs travelling whether by car or by plane (it’s airline-approved!). It’s loaded with features to keep you and your pet safe and comfortable during travel. This pet carrier also includes extra storage for poop bags, dog toys, and other pet products.

Featuring top and side entry points, 360 degree mesh panels and locking zippers, it’s the perfect carrier for vet visits, car or airline travel. Designed for dogs weighing up to 20 lbs, this travel carrier also includes an adjustable padded strap that can be used as a carry handle or over-the-shoulder strap.

5. Pet first aid kit

pet first aid awareness month

A first aid kit for both you and your pet can come in handy in times of need. Your dog’s first aid kit should include things like styptic powder, gauze pads, adhesive tape, scissors, antibiotic ointment, and alcohol wipes. For a complete list of what else should go into a dog first aid kit, check out our blog post.

Travel Preparation Tips

Get your pup cleared for travel. Ensuring that your dog is healthy and good to travel is a must when thinking of going long distances, whether it is by plane, train, or car. A quick check-up at the vet is easy and will put your mind at ease. Make sure you tell your vet which way you plan to travel so they can give you the best recommendation.

Long Car Trips

Short car rides typically aren’t a problem with dogs, but long trips, however, and trips that last hours at a time, require a bit of planning. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Take a longer trip in the car (with your pet travel accessories on hand) as a test drive to see how your pup behaves before the longer trip.
  • Use the above pet travel gear keep your pup from roaming around in the car. This will make the drive safer for your pup and remove any distractions for yourself while you’re on the road.
  • Stop occasionally for a break or two to let your pup stretch his legs and drink small amounts of water. Let them get exercise when the trip is over, too. Everyone wants to move around after a long trip!
  • Go easy on the amount of water they drink a few hours before the car ride to help prevent any in-car potty breaks. Luckily a dog car seat cover can help with clean up if an accident happens.

Air Travel

First timer? No problem. Dogs travel on airplanes all the time, but it’s important to know the rules of the airline you’re traveling with as some airlines have tighter restrictions than others and sizing can affect the travel for your pet. Make sure to research the restrictions and recommendations of the airline you’re traveling on to have the most accurate information.

Hotel Stays

So, you’ve done the research and found a hotel that accepts your furry friends! Often, these hotels also have good parks, hikes, and areas they can recommend for you to take them. In order to make their stay more comfortable, be sure to pack familiar items for your pets, like blankets, dog bed, and toys, that will help them feel safe and remind them of home.

Don’t forget!

crest stone explore dog hiking pack

Keep a copy of your pet’s vaccine records with your travel bags in case you need to access records after your vet’s office is closed, make sure they are up to date before you leave!

Also find the contact info for the closest emergency vet as soon as you reach your destination (if not before). Having this information before an emergency occurs can save precious time if the worst were to happen.

Make it home safe

Microchipping is a popular means of identification for your pet if they were ever lost. Keep your information up to date with the microchip company to ensure if your pet was lost they have the most current information to reach you.

Practice basic obedience. When your pet listens to basic commands: sit, stay, down, off, leave it, they can readily avoid trouble if it arises. Additionally, ensuring your pet has good car “manners” can help avoid “darting” out of car doors or windows.

Have fun and happy travels!

Have a travel tip that you’d like to share that we may have missed? Leave them in our comment section below!