Dog Pool Toys for the Four-Legged Ariel in Your Life

When it’s hot outside, all you want to do is hop in the pool with your pup. Aside from swimming in the water with your doggy, you also want to play with him using dog water toys. You just aren’t sure which ones are the best or whether or not your dog would even like the water.

Read on for more information on dogs and swimming, as well as the perfect dog pool toys and accessories to get for your furry friend.

Dog Breeds That Love Swimming

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Before you venture into the pool with your doggy, you’ll want to make sure that he actually likes to swim. The dog breeds that enjoy the water include the flat-coated retriever, Newfoundland, Irish water spaniel, Gordon setter, Otterhound, Portuguese water dog, and Brittany.

Of course, if you don’t have one of these breeds, your pup may still like to swim. If your pooch is eager to jump in, then let him go for it as long as you’re supervising. But if he’s shaking or shows other signs that he is scared, then don’t force him to go into the water.

For newbies to swimming or water sports, check out our detailed post on dog swimming safety tips.

Safety Tips for Dogs in Pools

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Prior to initiating playtime in the pool with your pooch, dog owners will want to keep a few safety tips in mind. Make sure you supervise him at all times, even if he’s a good swimmer. He can go in saltwater or a well-balanced chlorinated swimming pool. It’s also a good idea to put a neoprene life jacket on him for extra protection. The best dog life jacket is one that properly fits your dog.

You can also install a pool alarm system that will go off when there is motion in the pool. If you have kids, you might have one of these already.

You should use positive reinforcement to train your dog not to go in the pool when the pool cover is on. To prevent him from jumping on the cover, you could install a pool fence around your pool.

It’s important to make sure that your dog doesn’t drink the pool water. If he is lapping up the water and going to the bathroom frequently, then take a break from the pool for a while. Also, keep fresh water in a bowl near the pool for when he gets thirsty. Hose down or bathe your pooch after he goes into the pool, and if his skin gets irritated, don’t let him go in the water again until you have talked to a veterinarian.

Now that you know how to keep your doggy safe and happy in the pool, here are the best dog pool toys and accessories you can try out.

Floating Dog Toys

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Outward Hound Floatiez are some of the best dog pool toys you’ll find. There are a number of different floating fetch toys including the Floatiez starfishstingraypenguin bobberorca whale bobber, and turtle. Outward Hound Floatiez are designed to float upright, which makes it easier for your doggy to find and retrieve them during games of fetch, toss, or training.

These fetch toys have unique squeakers inside and, while they are interactive, they should not be used as dog chew toys. This means that you may want to keep them away from your dog if he’s a chewer that could easily destroy it.

Floatiez are made of durable material, come in bright colors, and will keep playtime going all day long. You could also play fetch with your dog using a simple tennis ball, a frisbee or flying disc, or another pet toy you find on Amazon, Chewy, or at the dollar store. All Planet Dog toys are buoyant as well.

If you want to play tug-of-war with your dog, then purchase a tug toy that’s waterproof. No matter what, just look for dog water toys that are suitable for your pup. For instance, what might work for large dogs won’t work for small dogs. Chewers are going to need something with durability that is puncture-resistant.

Tip: When looking for the best dog toys for the pool, you could also try searching for dog beach toys to find more options.

Dog Pool Float

Your dog may also enjoy spending time on a puncture-resistant and inflatable dog pool float. Small dogs will have an easier time on a standard pool float, but if you have a large dog, look for one that will be able to hold its weight.

Inflate your pool float and let your dog have fun relaxing in the sun! Whichever kind of dog raft you’re looking for, just make sure your doggy will be able to fit on it according to the weight limits the manufacturer provides.

Dog Pool

If you don’t have a swimming pool but you want your doggy to stay cool this summer, then you can always buy a dog pool. Dog swimming pools are puncture-resistant and the sides are low so that your dog can easily get in and out.

Go for a dog pool that is high quality so that it’ll last all summer long… and for years to come. If you don’t want to get a dog pool and you don’t have a pool of your own, then you can always turn on the sprinkler and let your pup go wild.

Life Jackets

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You can’t have an aqua dog without the right safety gear! The dog life jacket you choose should not only properly fit your pooch, but it should also have bright colors and strong handles, like Outward Hound’s Granby Ripstop Life Jacket. Smaller dogs only need one handle on their life jacket, but if you have a larger dog, you’ll need two.

You should also look for reflective accents and a chin float so that your dog can keep his head above the water. The foam should be placed in the life jacket in such a way that your dog can easily and comfortably sit down while wearing it or lay down next to the pool.

Swim Safe and Have Fun!

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Some dogs love swimming in the pool. By investing in the right toys and materials and knowing dog water safety, you can keep your pooch cool, active, and happy all summer long.