Is Your Dog Tough on Toys? Meet Xtreme Seamz

Dogs who are tough on their toys have met their match with Xtreme Seamz!

Identify if your tough-on-toys pup needs a toy that was made for their chewing habits in mind, or if there is an underlying issue with destructive behavior.

Xtreme Seamz Alligator vs. Pacino


Introducing your new pup or foster to a new environment can be difficult for both of you. Once they start adapting to their new world, their personalities begin to bloom. They grow up so fast! On the flip side, you may start to notice questionable behaviors that might include being destructive.

Learning your dog’s behavior is no easy feat. Before reprimanding them, it might be more beneficial to figure out why they are displaying this type of behavior.


According to MSPCA, destructive behavior in dogs isn’t simply because they want to destroy everything in their path. But, could be a cause of underlying factors. These factors could be teething, separation anxiety, boredom, fear, attention-seeking and/or play behavior.

No matter the underlying factor, it is crucial that you choose the right toy to stand up to the test. It is definitely a process of trial and error. Giving your dog the right toy will make all the difference to them, you and toys and furniture of the past.


Meet the Xtreme Seamz Gorilla, Hippo, Lion, and Leopard!

Xtreme Seamz is made specifically for the dogs that are tough on their toys. These fun animals were made with tough chewers and destroyers in mind. The tightly quilted body material of each animal, aids in preventing ripping and large holes. Durability. Every dog parents DREAM. A bonus is that they are also machine washable friendly; which has been a savior for my slightly compulsive cleaning habit.

The collection features a leopard, zebra, lion, hippo, gorilla, alligator, vulture, and a lemur. Each animal is up for the test.


My paw-brother can be anxious in social settings and when he is left at home alone. Depending on the day (he’s a dramatic guy), his anxiety can end up doing damage on his stuffed toys. Once I introduced the Xtreme Seamz Alligator to him, we noticed it stood against his “I will destroy you in a matter of days” test. His Xtreme Seamz alligator has been a reliable friend for several weeks now.

Xtreme Seamz Alligator – 1. Pacino – 0.
Looks like this tough alligator won this round!


Every fur-parent will choose what is best for managing their dogs’ destructive behaviors. If your route is to introduce a toy suited for the “tough” test, Xtreme Seamz is tougher. Xtreme Seamz will be available at your local Pet Supplies Plus starting April 28th. These toys will also be launching online later in 2020.

*Disclaimer: No wildlife animals were harmed during Xtreme Seamz paw-time.