The Best Toys for Goldendoodles & Their Chaotic Energy

You’re getting a cute little Goldendoodle puppy soon. Or, perhaps you’re adopting an older Goldendoodle from your local rescue shelter.

No matter what your situation is, you’re wondering what type of toy would be best for your new dog. You want to make sure you get him the right toy that he will love and enjoy playing with whether he’s playing with you, another dog, or by himself.

Learn more about the best toys for goldendoodles, and then decide which ones you’ll purchase for your pup. 

Goldendoodles’ Energy Level 

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First, it’s helpful to know what kind of energy level goldendoodles typically have. Goldendoodles, which are a mix between golden retrievers and poodles, are high-energy, playful, friendly, and highly intelligent dogs. They are ideal for families that go on a lot of walks and hikes and enjoy exploring the outdoors.

Your goldendoodle will need plenty of physical exercise, especially when he’s young. You can also get your dog toys to challenge him mentally. He’s likely to do well with puzzle toys, for instance, because he’s smart.

Here are the best dog toys for goldendoodles that will make playtime much more fun.

Squeaky Toys 

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Goldendoodles, on average, weigh 50 to 70 pounds. This means that your dog is going to need the right-sized toy that he won’t be able to destroy in two seconds.

A squeaky toy will be sure to entice him and tap into his natural hunting instincts. Look for one that is durable; remember that no toy is indestructible, and it’s best to be around your pup when he’s playing with a toy, just in case he destroys it. 

Plush Toy

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Another type of toy that is likely to tap into your goldendoodle’s hunting instincts is a plush toy that looks like an animal. A stuffed toy like a teddy bear for dogs could provide some fun.  

One option is the classic Hide A Toy Plush Puzzle Toy. This hide-and-seek toy was designed to eliminate boredom and encourage positive play.

This plush toy features different squirrels with squeakers that you can hide inside of a tree. Then, your dog has to find them. You can reward your pup by simply letting him play with the squirrel, or give him some peanut butter as well to encourage him to keep playing with the toy. It will provide physical and mental stimulation as well as hours of fun. 

Puzzle Toys

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Puzzle toys provide the mental stimulation your Goldendoodle needs. As one of the smartest dog breeds, goldendoodles enjoy flexing their intelligence… especially when it involves getting their favorite treats or dog food at the same time. A food puzzle or snuffle mat are great outlets to do this.

Outward Hound’s Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy is a level two interactive toy that will keep your goldendoodle entertained for hours on end. There are three easy-to-fill compartments where you can hide your dog’s treats, and it’s made from tough removable plastic parts and food-safe materials that are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.

If your goldendoodle masters this one, you can move up to difficulty level three to see if he can conquer that one as well.

Fetch Toys

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Your goldendoodle is sure to love a nice game of fetch. After all, he is a retriever at heart. A fetch toy will help him to get his energy out and encourage bonding with you at the same time.

Dog owners and goldendoodles alike will enjoy playing with a dog frisbee, which goes far and is fun to retrieve. Just make sure you purchase one specifically designed for dogs. Ones that aren’t may not be as durable or work as well. 

Another option is a doggy tennis ball. Again, you’ll need to get a doggy tennis ball specifically, and not a regular one. Those can break easily as well as have an abrasive effect on your dog’s teeth.

Treat Dispenser Toy 

A treat dispenser toy is likely to become one of your doodle’s favorite toys. Your pooch will love a toy that dispenses his favorite treats like kibble and peanut butter. Perhaps the toy is a puzzle game or a toy that he has to fetch. Just make sure that you don’t have too many treats, or else he could be at risk of becoming obese, which could lead to a host of health problems.

Chew Toys

Goldendoodles are strong and sometimes aggressive chewers, especially when they are puppies and teething. Get your pooch a high-quality dog chew toy that will keep him occupied. If it’s a low-quality toy, he could destroy it quickly, accidentally swallow part of it, and suffer from an intestinal blockage. Then, you’d have to take him to the hospital right away.

Don’t leave him at home with a toy he could break and may want to eat, which may also pose a choking hazard. 

Rope Toy

Typically, goldendoodles like hanging out with people as well as other dogs. You can give your pup a rope toy and tug the other end for him, or let one of his doggy friends tug it. A sturdy rope toy could also be a great way for your teething dog to channel his energy into some positive play.

Playtime and Exercise With Your Goldendoodle 

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Having plenty of toys around is going to wear your dog out and give him mental stimulation at the same time. Goldendoodles enjoy playing fetch, taking walks, and running. They would be happy to go to the dog park and may some new furry friends. 

With some positive reinforcement, you can train your goldendoodle not to destroy your furniture, go to the bathroom in your house, or engage in otherwise destructive behaviors. Never yell at your goldendoodle or use negativity, because dogs don’t respond well to that.

Make sure that you socialize your goldendoodle as early as possible after he’s gotten all his shots. Then, there’s a better chance that he’ll get along with other dogs. 

By knowing about goldendoodle personalities, behaviors, and the best toys for their dog breed, you can give your pup a happy and satisfying life.

These toys and more are available on Amazon, Chewy, Pet Supplies Plus, or your local pet shop.