Burrow Toys for Dogs That Satisfy Their Digging Urges

Dog’s dig. If they’re not digging holes in your yard or tunnels under your fence, they’re digging in your bedsheets, couch, or in their own dog bed. So how do you discourage them from destroying your property? It would help if you gave them a healthy outlet for their natural digging urges. That’s where burrow dog toys come in.

According to the UC David College of Veterinary Medicine, digging is a typical hunting behavior in dogs. Dog breeds like rat terriers tend to dig if they catch the scent of a chipmunk, hedgehog den, or other critter hiding underground.

Dogs will also dig outside on a hot day to make themselves a cooler resting place. On the other hand, dogs will burrow under your covers or in a small space during the colder months in order to get warm and feel safe. Burrowing provides your dog with a sense of security in times of stress or anxiety.

Pet Beds for Dogs That Like to Burrow

cozy cuddler pet bed

It may help to get your pup a dog bed that is designed specifically for their burrowing needs. Instead of the run-and-hide-under-the-bed move, your dog can find comfort under the cover of the attached blanket. The burrow dog bed below comes with an attached blanket your dog can get under for warmth and security. On warmer days, your pup can sleep on top of the blanket (or half-and-half it) to stay cool.

Bonus: this bed is machine washable.

If you don’t have a burrowing-specific dog bed, you can consider getting your dog its own blanket for his bed. They are easy to travel with and help calm anxious dogs during car rides as well.

Burrow Toys for Dogs: Hide-A Toys

The Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel and other Hide-A toy varieties are perfect burrow dog toys that will satisfy your pup’s natural instincts at playtime.

The Hide a Squirrel has over 40,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. It is an interactive dog toy in several sizes that suit both small dogs and large dogs. Your pooch will love hunting the squeaky dog toy squirrels out of the plush tree trunk.

Interactive hide-and-seek plush dog toys like the Hide-A line are made for preventing boredom and re-direct your dog’s digging behavior. Plush puzzle dog toys come with smaller toys inside that contain their own squeaker to get your dog’s interest. Once the pieces are out, toss for an interactive game of fetch or re-set the game by stuffing them back in!

Note: Though gentle enough for teething puppies as well as adult dogs, these toys are not dog chew toys and are not meant for aggressive chewers.

Interactive Puzzle Toys

toys for dogs that like to dig. dog playing with snuffle mat

Another possible reason for your dog’s digging behavior is that they are simply bored and under-stimulated. Dogs that don’t get enough mental enrichment in their day are bound to do something destructive sooner or later. Get them a treat-dispensing pet toy that provides the mental stimulation they need.

Nina Ottosson puzzle games provide hours of fun enrichment and may soon become your digging dog’s favorite toy. Each dog game requires your dog to use its problem-solving skills in order to perform steps that reveal the hidden treats. Check out Activity Matz! These snuffle mats fight boredom by exercising your dog’s mind, keeping them from exhibiting behaviors like chewing, digging, and excessive barking.

Wide Toys

Dogs can more easily dig on a wide toy like Bubble Palz without making a mess. These toy types are shed-free and are made with crinkle material instead of stuffing. These adorable plush toys come in multiple sizes for small and large breed dogs.

Add a Ropes-A-Go-Go rope toy to your dog’s wishlist if your dog loves tug-of-war games. These similar items are constructed with soft plush, corduroy, and twisted rope material for a cozy yet tough dog toy that can last through multiple play sessions. Grab the rope loops for a fun game of tug-of-war or toss these floppy dog toys for your pup to fetch.