It’s time to gear up for the gift giving season, and since you can’t ask your pup what they want from Santa Paws, you’re going to have use your best judgement. Here’s our quick guide to help point you in the right direction! The secret is…you can’t really go wrong.

These categories will help you choose a gift based on your pup’s PAWsonality!


If your dog is a lover, you need to check out the hide-a-squirrel plush toy from our toys. What’s more fun than chasing squirrels at the park? Chasing squirrels at home, of course! Finally there’s a toy version of your pup’s favorite pastime. Just stuff the squeaky squirrels in the soft tree trunk, and watch your dog pull them out one by one. To keep the game going, just stuff them in again and again. These squirrels love to play! This is one of our favorite and best selling toys!


If you have the adventurer type you need to look into getting one of our DayPaks. They are the pawfect addition to your pawking list when embarking on hikes up the nearest mountain or even your nearest park. You can easily store all of your pups necessities so they’re with him at all times! The DayPak is a light-capacity pack featuring saddlebag-style design, making it ideal for any type of activity. Enjoy the convenience and storage space of 4 expandable pockets—and, when you’re ready to roll, simply attach your pup’s leash directly to the DayPak’s D-ring clip.


If you have the genius type you need to check out some of our dog games and puzzles. The Treat Chaser is a fantastic place to start! We’ve rated the Treat Chase at a level one difficulty meaning that practically any dog can have a blast and figure it out. This interactive, treat-dispensing game features 2 treat chutes and rollin’ and slidin’ action that keeps dogs engaged. When your pup paws & nuzzles the Treat Chaser™ across the floor, goodies are naturally released through the 2 treat chutes! Fill up with your favorite treats or kibbles, and the chase is on!


If your pup is the kind that likes to chew up the closest thing in site look no pawther than our FireBiterz. They are made from real firehose material and are durable enough to stand up to the toughest of chewers!
These toys are stuffing free and include Invincibles squeakers that keep squeaking if punctured! It all adds up to long-lasting fun for your furry friend! We even have some holiday themed ones!


If you have a dog that like to run around all day with Olympian esque energy, you should think about investing in our Zip and Zoom Outdoor Agility Kit. By inspiring interactive fun, this 34 piece dog agility kit nurtures the relationship between you and your pup. Agility challenges your dog’s I.Q. by presenting a variety of obstacles. To successfully work through the course, dogs must differentiate between their handler’s commands while using their natural problem-solving skills. Because it provides an outlet for natural canine instincts, agility encourages healthy exercise while also boosting doggie I.Q. Plus, it helps you get exercise too.


If you have a dog who scarfs down his meals every time like its a race you should explore our line of feeders. The Fun Feeder features meal lengthening ridges and mazes to keep pups engaged and extend meal time by up to 10x. Fun Feeders improve digestion, challenge your pups brain and helps your pups eat and a fun and healthy pace! We have three different colors to choose from so you can ensure your pup is always eating in style.


If you have a daydreamer on your paws you should wake them up with on of our Invincibles. The Invincible Snake would be a perfect choice and will quickly become one of your pups favorite toys and keep them engaged for hours on end! The Invincible Snakes feature 2 layers of super-tough fabric, and our Invincible squeakers that continue to squeak after being punctured, these lovable, cuddly and durable toys are made to keep your pup playing longer!


If you have a dog of all trades, the doggiest dog of them all, you probably need to get them one of our Squeaker Matz. The Ginormous Gator is probably your best bet because what dog wont enjoy 32 squeakers of noisy fun! You may need to take this away from your pup when you have guests over for the holidays as it can cause quite the woofpawphony of sounds!

No mater what you choose we wish you a Happy Pawildays!!! Merry Woofmass!! Happy Pawnikah!! Happy Pawnza!!