It’s the perfect time of year to share 10 of our favorite celebrity dog dads hanging out with their pups!

1. Channing Tatum and his Pit Bull rescue, Lulu

Channing Tatum walking dog
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2. George Clooney with his rescue dogs, George (Cocker Spaniel) and, Millie (Basset Hound). Speaking of George Clooney, how about that beard?

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3. Ryan Reynolds walking his dog, Baxter.

Ryan Reynolds with dog
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4. Hugh Jackman and his dog, Dali


5. Ryan Gosling playing paparazzi to his pup, George.

Ryan Gosling with dog
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6. John Legend with his little puppy, Penny!

John Legend with dog
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7. Adam Levine cuddling with his dog

Adam Levine with dog
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8. John Mayer posing with his puppy

John Mayor with dog
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9. David Beckham dressing up his pup, Olive

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10. President Barack Obama and his dog, Bo.

Obama with Bo
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