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Thoughtful Get Well Gifts for Dogs

Get well gifts … for dogs?

Yes, this might sound like a new level of “crazy dog parent.” But what’s so crazy about wanting to wish your favorite pup “get well soon!” with a little giftie?

No matter what ails them, every doggie in recovery or going through a serious illness deserves a special treat. (Let’s be honest: they don’t need a reason. They deserve one just for existing. Because they are dogs, and dogs are the best.)

If your fur baby or a friend’s pooch is having a medically tough time, it can’t hurt to brighten their spirits with a dog gift basket. Skip the get well card — dogs can’t read, silly!

Read on for some great gift ideas for the mutt in your life.

Get Well Gifts for Dogs Recovering from Surgery

dog playing with dog puzzle

Skip the tennis balls, too. If you are a dog lover looking to give a dog gift box to one of your furry best friends post-surgery, be mindful of their limitations.

Dogs recovering from surgery are under strict instructions to limit their movements. This is especially true for dogs who get TPLO surgery for a torn CCL (cranial cruciate ligament), one of the most common knee injuries in dogs.

Since they won’t be able to run around and play fetch until they have regained their mobility, it’s important to look for dog toys that will keep them occupied in one place. The perfect gift to include in this dog’s care package is a dog puzzle.

Dog puzzles and brain games are key to getting through the recovery period. These kinds of activities tire out pups more quickly than physical exercise. Since dog games are stationary exercises, they eliminate the risk of the dog re-injuring themselves before their limb is fully healed.

Nina’s tip: If the dog tries to use his paws with the game, place the puzzle on an elevated surface like a stool or chair. This way they are forced to rely on their nose/snout.

Get well soon gifts for dogs recovering from that surgery

dog getting a treat

You know the one … snip snip!

If you know a pet lover with a new dog that was just spayed or neutered, they’ll need some movement-restricted entertainment for the next 10-14 days. If this get-well gift basket is for a puppy, be sure to include some teething chew toys.

Adult dogs getting fixed a little later in life can benefit from a chew toy in their gift set as well. Opt for something a little stronger like a Dogwood stick or Orbee-Tuff Dog Bone. The Orbee-Tuff Bone has holes on the sides you can hide treats or smear peanut butter in.

Tip: Put the bone in the freezer after smearing it with peanut butter or Greek yogurt for a longer-lasting chew!

A durable stuffed animal plush toy is a great adult dog or puppy gift option as well. Dog treats are always a crowdpleaser.

In addition to treats, a comfy calming dog bed is another great gift idea. After all, they’ll need a comfortable place to rest during recovery.

Gifts for Sick Dogs

get well gifts for dogs calming dog bed

Unfortunately, anything can happen, which means the worst can happen. You might have a furry loved one with a serious illness like cancer, parvo, or heartworm. At this point, all you can really do is help make them as comfortable and as happy as possible.

Ask the owner what kind of toys they are most interested in. If they are on a restricted diet, ask what kind of digestible dog treats are appropriate.

At the end of the day, simply letting them know “I’m thinking of you” means a lot during such a time. Letting them know that you are a part of their support system speaks volumes.

Meaningful gift ideas for dogs

a group of shelter dogs

If you’re still not sure what to get the puppy dog in your life, a gift card is always an excellent default.

To be extra thoughtful with your pet gift, think about donating in that pet’s name to research organizations like the Veterinary Cancer Society or to an animal shelter.

Don’t forget the expenses that come with caring for a sick pet. Another way to show someone you care about their pet is to spread the word with a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for that animal’s care. Even if they have pet insurance, veterinary care can still be a major out-of-pocket cost.

However you show your love or well wishes for your friend’s new puppy or dog in recovery, they appreciate you no matter what. The dog loves you — and their new goodies!

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